Illinois’ Only Hope: Kash Jackson

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Illinois is a complete mess, there is no other way to put it. Illinois’ economic growth has only increased by 4% within the last 10 years. To put that into perspective, throughout the Great Depression, the United States’ GDP grew by 10%. Illinois is doing worse now than the entirety of the United States was doing throughout the Great Depression. Illinois continues to elect the same kinds of corrupt politicians over and over again, taxes keep going up at a tremendous rate, citizen’s liberties are constantly being stripped away, people keep moving out of the state at an astronomical rate, and Illinois just keeps spiraling out of control. Kash Jackson is the man for the task.

Who is Kash Jackson?

Born Benjamin Adam Winderweedle, Kash Jackson is the Libertarian candidate for governor of Illinois. He was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, a town close to the Texas border, with a population of around 200,000. He served in the U.S. Navy for about 20 years until he officially retired in 2016. After his retirement, he settled in a small suburb of Chicago with his three children. He is committed to completely rearranging the Illinois government so it is properly suited for the people of Illinois and his children.

“I will focus on stabilizing the state budget, fighting corruption, and restoring power to individuals and their communities.” -Kash Jackson

Kash will fight for all of your liberties all the time. He believes in Constitutional rights and will do anything in his power to fight any rights violations that he sees going on. Many politicians will make the same claims as Kash does. However, the difference between many politicians and Kash is that Kash takes action. He stood with the Veterans for Standing Rock in North Dakota due to the injustices against the Constitutional rights of Native Americans. Kash does more than just make promises, he goes out and fulfills them.

Why Republicans/Conservatives should vote for Kash

People in Illinois want a change from the hypocritical and corrupt politicians that they have dealt with for so long. Republicans in the state are fed up with Bruce Rauner as he has failed routinely on delivering on his promises. During his time as governor, income tax rates rose, there was a two-year budget deadlock, a massive bailout of the Chicago public school system, and he signed an abortion bill that pushed abortion to remain legal even if Roe v Wade was overturned during the Trump presidency. The bill allowed for state employees and lower class women to obtain free abortions for any reason whatsoever. Obviously, when it says “free”, it really means at the expense of the taxpayer.

Conservatives knew when electing Rauner that he did lean pro-choice, but he did promise the people that he was not going to make the abortion issue a social agenda. What’s worse is that he promised the people that he would veto that bill. Many conservatives and pro-lifers have lost trust that Rauner can keep his promises. On top of that, he had a 44-point agenda which included a property tax freeze and term limits. He was not able to fulfill any of his major goals from that agenda.

Kash is a true advocate for small government. Under Rauner and practically every other preceding governor, the government got bigger, taxes and gun control have increased, and with that, crime as well. Kash wants lower taxes and fewer regulations on businesses so business owners could open up their businesses much more efficiently and quickly. He also wants to put a freeze on property taxes and allow for tax increases to be put up to a vote via a referendum.

Some of my friends were worried that by voting for Kash then you are basically giving Pritzker a free path to victory, and that is far from the truth. A Capitol Fax poll has figured out that 26% of people would vote for a 3rd party candidate and about 11% of people are undecided. Pritzker currently sits at 36% and Rauner at 27%. Kash is leading the 3rd party candidates, is right on the tail of Rauner, and is not far at all from Pritzker. Just recently, Kash has been invited to join the NBC5/Telemundo debate on September 20th. This is the first time ever that the Libertarian candidate for governor in Illinois is able to debate with the Republican and Democrat nominees. This is a huge win for the liberty movement and will greatly increase the chances for Kash to become the next governor of Illinois.

Why Democrats/Liberals should vote for Kash

There is a reason to even believe that Democrats would vote for Kash or at least another 3rd party candidate. Some Democrats are concerned with the fact that JB Pritzker basically bought his primary spot. Pritzker is a billionaire who essentially just spent way more than the rest of the Democrats running. He spent a record amount, around $70 million, in the primary, and who knows how much more he will spend throughout the rest of the election process.

From an economic standpoint, I understand that Democrats probably will not agree with Kash on most issues. However, Kash is truly a man for the people. An issue that Democrats may agree on with Kash is the reformation of the criminal justice system due to many injustices set about by our court system. He demands the release of all prisoners who were wrongly imprisoned for victimless crimes.  He also feels that neither a single person nor family should ever be forced into poverty while going through our court system.

JB Pritzker wants to raise your taxes, but then evades paying $230,000 worth of taxes by removing all of the toilets in one of his mansions. Rod Blagojevich and Pat Quinn were the previous Democrat governors who heavily contributed to the downfall of Illinois, and it looks like JB Pritzker is not going to be any different. Kash Jackson, like I said before, stood with the veterans at Standing Rock. Pritzker is a massive investor in Energy Transfer Partners LP which is the company who constructed and is also a part owner of the  Dakota Access Pipeline. He is heavily invested in the same company that has committed horrendous atrocities against protestors at Standing Rock and has violated the rights of the Native Americans living there. Is this really the man who Democrats want in the gubernatorial office?

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