Kansas Kids Garner Gubernatorial Votes

By Ryan Lau | @agorisms

Jack Bergeson, Tyler Ruzich, and Joseph Tutera are three Kansas kids. But today, they represent the future of the country, as all three participate in the state’s gubernatorial primary race.

Several months ago, these three, as well as three others, entered the race. One other withdrew, and two ran in third party races.

Ruzich and Bergeson communicated online, stating that they wished for a teenage candidate to run in both parties. As such, they voiced their belief that the current political arena needs drastic reforms. Bergeson is running as a Democrat, and the other two are Republicans.

Though none of the three are expected to win the race, they are all having an impact on the race. Of the Kansas kids, Bergeson is performing best. As of 11:00 PM EST, he has 2.7% of the vote, which is 2.7% higher than any other 17 year old Kansas Democrat.

The Republicans, though they are not performing as well, are shaking up the race. Respectively, Ruzich and Tutera received 0.6% and 0.4% of the vote. This, combined, far exceeds the 0.5% margin between first and second place finishing Jeff Colyer and Kris Kobach (40.9% and 40.4%). Though neither kid has a chance to win, it is possible that they may have swayed this race towards Colyer and away from Kobach.

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