Josh Hawley Takes Missouri GOP Primary

By Kenneth Casey | Missouri

Based on reported results for the Missouri U.S. Senate Republican Primary, 71 Republic can safely announce that Josh Hawley has secured enough votes to become the Republican nominee to take on Claire McCaskill in November. As of 9:00 EST, he has 58.6% of the vote compared to Austin Petersen’s 7.7% and Tony Monetti’s 10%, with the rest of the field garnering 23.7% of the vote.

Hawley has long been the favorite to win the primary, as he has by far the most money raised among all the candidates and has the support of the Republican establishment. Austin Petersen and Tony Monetti, Hawley’s two main primary challengers, had to rely on grassroots support against the big-money-backed Hawley.

Hawley will be taking on Claire McCaskill in the general election, and it’ll most certainly be one of the most watched races this midterm in the battle between the Democrats and Republicans over control of the Senate. Most polls between the two have them neck-and-neck, so expect a lot of money to be put into this race from both sides in the coming months.

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