Government Should be Contained to Minarchy

By Nate Galt | United States

The federal government has dramatically overstepped its already lenient boundaries granted to it by the Constitution of the United States of America. It has consistently wasted the stolen money of hardworking Americans on its wars six thousand miles from home. It has not invested properly in helping its own people but instead has put a lot of money in killing foreigners who pose no danger to the security and stability of our nation. It has conducted reprehensible drone strikes, killing civilians and children without killing anyone who has just a sliver of a chance of attempting to harm this country. One might view these souls as “collateral damage,” but if their own lives were to be viewed as an object or as merely “collateral damage,” they would protest.

There are more efficient ways to combat terrorism than to just conduct random drone strikes and not feel any shame because the victim’s name was Mohammed. War hawks consistently back these wasteful conflicts. They believe that it is the fault of Middle Eastern countries for being too close to the military bases that the Americans put an ocean away from their home. Through coercion and the thought of going to prison, the government has taken money from people who would not fire missiles themselves and from those who are strongly opposed to war and has used it to advance their own interests. 

In a society, there will always be some semblance of power. Therefore, there ought to be a state to prevent violent crimes and protect the country. I do see a lot of irony in this statement, but this will not be ironic if we shrink the state to become minarchic. Minarchy prevents corporations from controlling government and thus controlling the people. It lowers taxes to just the basic functions of government and stops thirty percent of Americans’ money being stolen.

If consent makes a transaction not robbery and if consent makes sex not rape, then what makes taxation not theft?

Minarchy also prevents the federal government from stripping away rights that Americans are granted by the Constitution. Some people on the left wing want to repeal the Second Amendment while some on the right wing want to repeal the Fourth. The left and the right wing belong to the same bird-those that wish to gradually install an Orwellian state. Many do not think they would back this, but by slowly voting away the rights to self-defense, bodily autonomy, or the protection against warrantless search and seizure, they help this nightmare become a reality.

People say we have freedom, but they will be in grave peril. All of the Constitution ought to be recognized as a document which protects the liberties and rights that we prize and will fight to the death to maintain. Washington has no right to take any of these away and has no business declaring a certain few of them obsolete or suspendable. This will become a reality if we will keep blindly obeying everything that we are told and assuming that every government measure taken is for the better.

Jefferson wanted everyone to fight for their own rights and to be armed in case the government overreaches its bounds by means of surveillance or unconstitutional behavior. Obedience and blindly trusting government isn’t American. Fighting for rights is certainly a value that the Founding Fathers had. That is a quintessential American value. 

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  1. The innocent, helpless unborn individuals deserve protection from some of their mothers’ “bodily autonomy”. NAP

    • Clumps of cells two weeks old aren’t individuals. An egg is not a chicken, a caterpillar isn’t a butterfly, and a seed isn’t a plant.

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