Raul Paul-endorsed Andy Sanborn Loses GOP Primary

By Kenneth Casey | United States

New Hampshire held their primaries for federal elections on September 11th. Much of the focus from mainstream media was on the Democratic Primary for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District, where Bernie Sanders’ son received less than 2% of the vote, losing to an establishment-backed member of the party. On the Democratic side, Chris Pappas easily defeated challenger Maura Sullivan in the House primary.

Edwards Trumps Sanborn

Andy Sanborn, a Rand Paul-backed Republican, however, did not see as much attention from the media. On Tuesday, he narrowly lost the GOP primary to an establishment-backed Republican Eddie Edwards.

Edwards finished the race with 48% of the vote, while Sanborn pulled in second with 41.6%. Since the election, Sanborn has conceded defeat and endorsed Edwards for the office. This comes in stark contrast to Edwards’ previous remark that he would not do the same for Sanborn. Claiming the former candidate had a number of “character flaws”, Edwards flatly refused to say he would give Sanborn his support.

Sanborn’s History of Liberty

Sanborn has been well-known in the New Hampshire liberty scene for a while now. He previously was the New Hampshire co-chairman of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Also, he introduced Rand Paul at his first appearance in New Hampshire on the campaign trail.

Right after Sanborn announced his candidacy for the open seat in New Hampshire, Rand Paul endorsed his longtime ally. Paul appeared with him recently on the campaign to give him a late push. However, this clearly was not enough to propel him to victory.

A Year of Difficulty

Libertarian Republicans have not fared well in 2018 elections. Many members of Justin Amash’s liberty caucus are losing primaries or not seeking re-election, for example. Sanborn’s defeat to a mainstream establishment Republican is yet another example of the unfortunate fact. It appears, thus, that besides Gary Johnson and a couple of others, the 2018 general election will have very few advocates for libertarian-leaning ideology.

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