Political Extremism: Kavanaugh Accusations

By Fritz Stephey | United States

When word filtered out in the news earlier this week that an anonymous letter was submitted to Senator Dianne Feinstein making allegations that a younger Brett Kavanaugh (when he was somewhere around age 17) had committed a rather vile act of sexual assault, I am honestly upset about my first thought on the matter.

I thought, “Well isn’t this convenient.”

I should have never thought that because that is a little more than belittling and demeaning to the accuser. Regardless of some of the extreme lengths we have seen during the Kavanaugh hearings, mostly from what I can tell were people wanting their 15-seconds of “Blue Wave 2018” fame, I should not be so pre-judgmental about a severe allegation.

It takes a lot to say that, in this day and age. People often do not come out and say “I was wrong.” We’ve seen that filter down from multiple politicians, pop culture icons, and even the average person who is convicted and sentenced to prison for a heinous crime.

Granted, I never tweeted that thought out, nor posted it on social media. I try to think twice about the initial response I have to one line of information before doing that anymore. My initial Twitter statement came after Christine Blasey Ford revealed herself to be the anonymous source:

2 thoughts on “Political Extremism: Kavanaugh Accusations”

  1. This article basically advocates destroying people’s careers over unsubstantiated allegations from 35 years ago. And then blames the media.

    • If I came off as advocating it (I don’t see where, unless you meant my “damage is done” comment. That wasn’t advocating it, merely stating what I believe is fact thanks to how the political world is reacting), I didn’t mean to. My grand slam point was that nobody seemingly cares about justice anymore…

      I do absolutely blame the media because they’re salivating over how much focus they’ve been able to give it.

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