How To Find The Best Career For Your Major

By Joshua D. Glawson | United States

Too many people pick college majors that they hope will give them the most out of their investment, while neither being good at nor enjoying their future career of choice.

There are many websites that can help you find careers relating to your major. Here are two:

1) Careers in Your Major

2) List of Careers and Jobs

However, many employers do not concern themselves with your particular major if that career does not require a specified area of study.

The best way to determine which career path you should take starts with self-assessment. Get out a piece of paper, or multiple pieces if necessary, and on one side or one sheet, write out a list of things you enjoy doing and could do on a daily basis. On the next list, write out a list of things you are good at doing. On each of these, do not concern yourself with career tasks you enjoy doing or are good at. Try to write as broad of a list as possible. It will also help you speak to your relatives and friends and ask them to give you a few things they believe you are good at.

Once you have a completed both lists, begin giving a hierarchical scale to each side. So, if you enjoy speaking the most, on your list, write a ‘1’ beside it. If, under the list of things you are good at, you see yourself as being the best at fixing things, write a ‘1’ beside that. Continue through the entire list, and if you have a few that share the same number, that is okay.

Next, take these now numbered lists and begin searching for careers that may or may not include your major. Once you begin finding career paths that encompass the things you love doing and what you are good at, find people in that field to speak to and pick their brain. They will most likely be happy to speak with you and tell you the pros and cons of their field while providing advice for a successful career. This may even spark a good relationship with someone who can act as your mentor to success. This could prompt you to make a change in your major, as it did for me.

If you are willing to go to college, as it is a great idea to help better your chances of landing your dream career, at least take the time to write out this list and find what best fits you as an individual rather than what your parents or others tell you to choose. You should be good at your work and also enjoy it. The most successful people are those that took their own path, not the path forced upon them.

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