The Kavanaugh Killing of Politics

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

The debate over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation has become the biggest case for political nihilism in 2018. The question of whether or not Kavanaugh should spend the rest of his life in the Supreme Court has turned into a game of political finger-pointing. Partisan lines now determine whether or not someone believes a rape accuser. The merits of Ford’s testimony do not define whether or not one thinks she is innocent. Rather, it is whether someone plans on voting Republican or Democrat come November that determines how much they believe Ford.

I take a pretty cynical approach when it comes to my analysis of governmental affairs. After all, this is the group of people that can only exist due to mass exploitation of the American public. They are the ones that spy on all of us without our consent. They are also the ones who dressed up slavery to look a little prettier. Instead of calling it slavery and putting black people on plantations, they call it the war on drugs and put black people in labor prisons. Madeline “the price is worth it” Albright’s imperialist logic carries on to this day.

Because of my cynicism, I wouldn’t put it past either of the two reigning parties to pay a very tasty amount of money to someone to get them to accuse a politician of the opposite team of sexual misconduct. But, there isn’t evidence to support that Ford is a paid actor, so we may as well give the Democrats credit. We should also, however, give them credit for turning a terrible moment in a woman’s life into a political weapon. Sexual assault is terrible, but the politicians in D.C. nonetheless feel the need to politicize it.

It appears that the Democrats care more about knocking down Trump’s Supreme Court pick than they do about finding justice for a past transgression. It has all become a muddled theater and nobody really knows what is going on anymore. If you are a Democrat, you have to believe Ford because Ford’s case helps your team. If you are a Republican, you have to be against Ford, because Ford’s case hurts your party.

But let’s say, after the FBI investigation, Kavanaugh is found innocent. Blasey Ford was a liar and the Democrats are a bunch of snakes. This should mean Kavanaugh is good to be confirmed, right? In the minds of many, this is sadly the thought process.

In reality, this should never be the only determinant for Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote. Yet, this is the pitiful level that American politics has reached. It has come down to “if Kavanaugh is innocent, he should spend the rest of his life on the Supreme Court.” This is a ridiculous state of affairs, but it is where we are. The rape question has turned into the political question. This both devalues politics and sexual assault. The alleged attempted rape of a young woman has become nothing more than a political token. The fact that this has become the sole question of the SCOTUS confirmation has only added to my pessimism surrounding the political process.

Kavanaugh would be a really bad Supreme Court justice. He has no regard for the Fourth Amendment or the privacy of American citizens. But alas, almost any of Trump’s picks will probably be as horrendous for the freedom of Americans. His innocence of sexual assault does not merit placement on the Supreme Court. The fact that innocence means confirmation in the minds of those on both sides of the aisle shows that it is all a failure. We are experiencing the Kavanaugh killing of politics. Maybe, it was dead all along.

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