YouTube Down Across Servers Worldwide

By Ryan Lau | @agorisms

As of 10:20 PM EST Tuesday, the website is down. The outage started about an hour ago, at 9:20 PM. When going to the homepage, users see a blank page. The search bar is still present, but none of the recommended or suggested videos appear.

At this time, it is still possible to search videos from the bar, and results are coming up. However, upon clicking on any video, an error message occurs. This, of course, renders all of the videos entirely unplayable, even though the search results are visible.

History for YouTube outages is very limited. This past summer, during the World Cup, the YouTube TV services went down for a short period of time. Moreover, some specific channels were shut down in April.

Despite this, there has not been a major shutdown of the entire site in over a decade, when Pakistan tried to censor a video that they thought was anti-Islamic in content. The Pakistani government was tasked with shutting down the site within the country’s borders but accidentally shut down the site worldwide. This outage took several hours to restore.

With YouTube down, users cannot be sure when to expect the video service to return to its proper function.

Several users have taken to Twitter to discuss the unforeseen outage. A number say that they have never seen anything like this before.

Other users are taking to memes as a form of protest against the outage. The YouTube down memes are flooding through Twitter with the hashtag #YouTubeDown.

UPDATE: As of around 10:40 PM EST Tuesday, YouTube is fully operational. They have not yet released a cause.

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