Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Wins Big in New York

By Drew Zirkle | United States

71 Republic is calling the New York District 14 House of Representatives race in favor of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. As of 9:05, Cortez (D) is winning based on exit polls. She is leading current incumbent Rep. Joseph Crowley (WF) and challenger Anthony Pappas (R) by a wide margin. Although there are still many ballots to count, 71 Republic expects Cortez to acquire around 75% of the vote by the end of the vote tally.

Cortez shocked the nation by defeating Rep. Joseph Crowley in a hotly contested Democratic primary for NY-14 earlier this year. The general election has been seen only a token challenge from Republican nominee Anthony Pappas and a small interference from Rep. Joseph Crowley, who is not campaigning but still remains on the ballot under the Working Families Party due to fusion voting.

The victory of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is no surprise, as New York’s 14th congressional district has not had a Republican Representative since the early 90’s and has become a bastion of progressive politics. Cortez will be the first and only Democratic Socialist to ever win a contested US House of Representatives general election. 

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