Nigel Farage (Br)exits the UKIP Amidst Party Chaos

By Daniel Szewc | Poland

Nigel Farage, alongside former mayor of London Boris Johnson, the most famous leader of the EU “Leave” camp and for many, the champion of British independence, has decided to leave the UKIP amidst internal crisis.

Not a day after Suzanne Evans, former UKIP deputy chair appealed to Nigel Farage to join her and leave UKIP, the right-populist party that formed to help the United Kingdom leave the European Union. Farage has yet to release a statement regarding a direct motive. However, some assume it is due to the acceptance of former far-right English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson into the party.

It also may be due to the party’s recent enlargement. In growing in scope, the UKIP is welcoming anti-Islamic campaigners. Moreover, they have included controversial figures such as Mark Meechan, better known as “Count Dankula” and Paul Joseph Watson from the right-leaning side of YouTube. As with all internet beings coming into politics, their involvement has caused the tectonics of the party to slowly shift for the last couple of months. This likely all culminated in Farage’s decision to quit his party.

Just yesterday on LBC radio, Farage said that he’d be willing to risk a second referendum. This shows a major change in stance since November when he swore to boycott such a vote. It is unreasonable to suggest that external forces caused him to change his mind so drastically. There also is no evidence that he holds any key inside information about Brexit or another issue. Thus, the reasons for Farage cutting himself away from the UKIP are currently unclear.

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