US Plans to Withdraw Troops from Syria

Jack Parkos | United States

President Trump has recently made the decision for a “full” and “rapid” withdrawal from Syria. The United States is now preparing to pull out of Syria. Currently, the US has around 2,000 troops in Syria, mainly to train Kurdish locals to fight ISIS. The United States still has over 5,000 troops in Iraq, ready to attack in Syria if it is deemed necessary.

The US is involved in Syria mainly for the purpose of defeating Isis, who captured vast amounts of Syrian territory. However, with much of Isis defeated, the US will reduce the presence and leave the rest to US-trained militias. US backed troops have also been fighting Russian backed President of Syria Bashar Al Assad. Syria has been in a bloody Civil War that has lasted seven years, and the US has taken the side of the rebels trying to overthrow Assad. The Russian government has been urging the US to leave Syria.

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