2019: The Next Act of Political Theater Begins

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

2018 was a political year, as most years are when one invests their time in politics. But the human mind has a tendency to think of what is right before it as exceptional and important, while it may just be regular. And overall, that’s what 2018 was politically. The political processes that began continued, and some ended. Yet this is what happens every year, and while many of the events were, by all means, important, they weren’t necessarily so important that 2018 trumps every other year.

Trump pulled the U.S. out of Syria and halfway out of Afghanistan. Marijuana became legal in many states. Julian Assange began to come close to various legal issues. The debate over Brexit continued. Safety workers invaded France. The political happenings of this year extend far beyond these full examples, and each and every one of them requires at least a degree of our attention.

But just as the events of 2015, 16, and 17 are now in the back of our minds, soon will be 2018 too. and eventually, so will be 2019. Yet 2019 may have at least a degree of specialty because this year will begin the 2020 election process.

While there has been a little bit of talk over running in 2020, 2019 is when contenders truly enter their horses into the race. Trump’s challenger will probably arise this year, and because of the fact that Trump is hated by many Americans, whoever this challenger ends up being will face the challenge of uniting opposition to Trump. They will have to appeal to anti-Trump republicans, libertarians, far-leftists, moderate liberals, or any combination of those political groups if they hope to pull off a 2020 victory.

But while Trump’s challenger will provide an interesting spectacle, that’s ultimately all they will be – a spectacle. Politics is a game of getting certain groups riled up against people they have a few minor differences with and creating a flame war between the two groups. Every politician will do whatever they can to pit their constituents against a people group and make their constituents look like victims. Trump did it with the white working class against Mexican immigrants, just as Sanders did with McDonald’s employees against the 1%.

But we need to be mindful that it is all a spectacle. The candidates that prepare to garner votes come 2020 will do whatever they can to make you feel like a victim and make themselves look like your savior. But politician is synonymous with liar – politicians nearly never keep the promises that they made to their voters. So as Beto O’Rourke demonizes Trump and Republicans, remember that you still share a lot in common with these people.

Democrat or Republican, you are under the same boot of mass-taxation, mass-surveillance, and mass corporate influence. We are all victims of the system, but in 2020 we will watch the political theater and pretend like our oppressors will provide us with a way out.

But be warned. in 2019 the election trickery of 2020 begins. You will be manipulated, demonized, and victimized by various political candidates. But they are all part of the same party in the end: the government party. So maybe turn off the T.V. for a little bit and put politics aside as it tries to tear you away from people that are just slightly different from you.

We all want similar things – to feel empowered and enrich ourselves. So work with those around you, regardless of their political views, and try to put the political spectacle aside. Because nothing will really change that much anyway.

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