Karl Marx Tombstone Vandalized Twice this Month

Rafael Augusto B.L. de Oliveira |@ancient_scrolls

Even if Karl Marx has been sleeping with the fishes for centuries it looks like the father of the so-called “people’s revolution” is finally getting a taste of his own medicine. After all the pain and death his writings have caused around the world, individuals are striking back by defiling the fallen comrade’s statue.

Karl Marx is the German philosopher most responsible for creating what we today call Communism. His written pieces are celebrated all over the world by radical leftists, dictators, liberal college students, and cult leaders. Some of his most famous works include “Manifesto of the Communist Party”, “Capital”, “Wage Labour and Capital”, “The Class Struggles in France” and many more.  

Now, citizens are defacing his statue in the name of Capitalism. Karl Marx’s memorial located in London was vandalized twice in the last two weeks. First, on February 4th, the vandals smashed the marble plaque with the name of his respective family members written on it. This time, vandals painted hateful messages such as “Architect of Genocide”, “Terror and Oppression” and “Mass Murder”. 

Although Marx allegedly had good intentions when he first created his ideology, the legacy of his work has led to murder and destruction wherever it has been tried. Little did he knew that his writings would end up being twisted and used for the wrong intentions’ decades after his death. Maybe it was good that he didn’t live long enough to see how badly misused his ideology was for sociopaths and narcissistic dictators.

Had he lived to see how badly misused he would have been disgusted with himself. After all, let’s not forget that more than 100 million people died all over the world thanks to oppressive dictators following his economic lead. Mao Tse-Tung, Stalin, Polt Pot and a list of others used this ideology to falsely bait the working class into believing their radical economic thoughts only to turn their backs on them while enriching their own pockets.

His work continues to inspire millions around the globe including those people who are still living under oppressive communist governments today. Countries like Venezuela, North Korea and many more are the empty ends of the productive world after their leaders forced state-sanctioned communism on its people.

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