Nick Sandmann Becomes the Most Powerful Man in America

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America’s mainstream media was given an inch – and it took a mile. For years now the dominant left-wing cultural hegemony has reigned freely. From widespread social media bannings to promotion of blatant falsehoods by internet blogs, the mainstream has been quite successful in their actions. But in the case of Nick Sandmann and the Washington Post, this backfired.

Media Bias

Getting away with false information is easy for the mainstream media. They can get away with just about anything when it comes to publishing on a non-subscription based internet blog. Ryan Holiday, a media marketing strategist, explains why this is possible in his book Trust Me, I’m Lying. Holiday explains that consumer accountability is not an option on such sites. As soon as the viewer clicks the link, game over. Regardless of the factual accuracy of the article, the site got what it wants: clicks for ad revenue. This gives them substantial journalistic leeway. At that point, online blogs can get away with almost anything, regardless of their influence.

I thought an obvious solution was only reading pieces by sites that had a paywall. Such sites are more obligated to remain faithful to the truth simply because the consumer can decide that they will no longer patronize the site. To me, this seemed like it would work – until the Washington Post got hit with a $250 million lawsuit.

After the confrontation between Nicholas Sandmann of Covington Catholic and Native American Activist Nathan Philips, the media had a frenzy. And frankly, they probably went a bit too far.

Exposing the personal information of children seems a bit harsh, doesn’t it?

Screenshot-2019-01-23-at-11.30.28-AM (1).png

Oh, we’ve moved a little fast.

The Sandmann Suit

We thought the story would be over with the tweet-fueled media storm that occurred, but Nick Sandman, the teenager pictured infamously smiling, doubled back. He and his lawyers are seeking $250 million in damages from the Washington Post according to Reuters. This is the amount that Jeff Bezos paid for the news organization. The lawsuit claims that the Post participated in wrongful targeting and bullying against Sandmann. Their assumed intent is that this was part of a larger pattern of trying to demonize Donald Trump.

In addition to the Washington Post, Sandmann’s lawyers sent letters to over 50 other organizations and individuals for potential lawsuits.

The 16-year-old Covington Catholic student is in a good position, assuming that his lawyers are capable. Just the threat of a lawsuit gives Sandmann leverage against everyone who mentioned his name in a negative connotation. Sandmann achieved this power for one reason: the media.

In its frenzy to publicly shame him, the liberal internet fell for a classic mistake when it comes to the internet age. Their direct opposition to Sandmann and attempts to demonize him made him grow in popularity and attention. It’s the Streisand Effect. They put attention on him, gave him popularity, and gave him a platform and catapulted him into the mainstream. They hunger for page clicks only created an individual who got his deck filled with the perfect cards against them.

Sandmann now has the ammunition to take on a full-fledged assault against the media hegemony. In many instances, he was lied about, and in others, he was threatened. Sandmann now has substantial ground for retaliation. The 50+ organizations now on the hit list are going to need to watch their backs because they turned Nick Sandmann into the most powerful man in America.


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