QuadrigaCX Founder’s Widow Inherits Millions in Real Estate

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There is an old saying we all grew used to hearing, “Money won’t buy you happiness” – this saying may be a perfect fit for the current turmoil Jennifer Robertson is going through. Jennifer, also known as the QuadrigaCX widow, has roughly 7.5 million Canadian dollars in real estate property. Yes, you heard that right. Her company and personal life took an unexpected turn for the worst in the last few months due to her husband’s death in India, which left the company unable to access its crypto funds. However, recently emerged documents from the Canadian government show us that she has inherited quite a few properties from her dead husband to keep her life going at least for a few years. 

Who is Jennifer Robertson? 

Jennifer Robertson is the widow of Quadriga CX’s dead founder, Gerald Cotten. She became a figure in the cryptocurrency world after she took an administrative role in Quadriga CX due to the death of the CEO and founder. However, she wasn’t well received by the crypto community as some believe she and the remaining staff of QuadrigaCX took advantage of the death of Gerald Cotten to keep the company’s money to themselves by alleging that her dead husband was the only one who knew the password to the respective crypto reserves of the company. 

Gerald Cotten’s Testament 

Interestingly enough, days before his death, Mr.Cotten transferred “any interest he may own” in QuadrigaCX to his “spouse’s mother Carol Terry, and her spouse, Thomas Beazley”.  Documents obtained by the Chronicle Herald show that Robertson got collateral mortgages on four properties in Nova Scotia left to her in Cotten’s testament.  The documents show that these properties were all purchased by the couple between 2016 and 2018. 

She also owns an island in Mahone Bay, bought off from famous Fox News conservative Tucker Carlson for $161,250. Records show that Carlson is classified as the general manager of Island Limited Partnership in the Maine deed.

Several Name Changes 

Public records from the Canadian government revealed to the public that Jennifer Robertson has used at least three distinct family names. She was known as Jennifer Forgeron, as deeds for properties show in 2016. Then, on December 1st of 2016, Nova Scotia’s Royal Gazette announced she changed her last name again, this time to Kathleen Margaret Robertson. 

What will happen to QuadrigaCXits clients and its supposedly “locked” crypto funds remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it seems that even with her husband’s death and the demise of Mr. Cotten’s company, Mrs. Robertson will be quite capable of maintaining her lifestyle, at least financially speaking, for a few years with all the properties she currently owns in Nova Scotia thanks to her husband’s testament. 

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