Donald Trump Created His Own Deep State

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Shortly before his election, President Donald J. Trump promised that he would “drain the swamp”, and he quickly went to work on that promise when he took office. Government officials from previous administrations became victims of slander. Many became forced to prove their loyalty. A conspiracy movement arose from the “threat” of the deep state, with supporters receiving promises of military tribunals and mass incarcerations. When it was time for the President to determine who would be in his inner circle, he made the wrong choices. Instead of surrounding himself with the best, Donald Trump decided to surround himself with the silent mosquitoes of the swamp who have waited for a moment like this. Most namely, he has let men like Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller take the helm of a sinking ship.

The Emergence of a Puppet

President Donald Trump ran on a platform of defending the southern border, rebuilding the armed forces, and standing up for the little guy. Upon his inauguration, the President became a puppet of the corporations and individuals who wanted to secure their interests over those of the average American. The puppetmasters were not appointed by Obama or Bush, but by Trump himself. They present a facade of being loyal to the President’s agenda when in reality the agenda is their own. They leech off of the President’s power, whispering their agenda into his ear knowing that he will support it.

Stephen Miller and the Shadows

Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor to the President and the man behind many of his speeches, has a tendency to spread falsehoods about the state of the nation. Miller works in the shadows, mainly by orchestrating the removal of officials that he deems
obstacles in his way. He then manages to get these vacant positions filled with loyalists to his cause. Despite only being a senior advisor and speechwriter, Miller’s influence seeps into crucial government agencies like the State Department and the National Security Council.

Miller refuses to make his influence known to those outside of the process, often leaving his name absent on documents that could create a paper trail back to him. He resorts to intimidation tactics in crucial policy meetings, instilling fear into those that may oppose him. Miller has lead meetings of the National Security Council despite not having any official role on the council. He has disrupted the process in an attempt to get his agenda across and has purposely implemented his policies as a way to cause chaos. When creating the Trump Administration’s travel ban, former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon stated that the plan was made “so the snowflakes would show up at the airports and riot.”

The powerful advisor has orchestrated deals with officials who had the power over immigration policy, telling them to relinquish that power. He has worked these deals out with men like H.R. McMaster, who was National Security Advisor at the time. In return, Miller promised to stay out of their way in regards to other policy issues. When given this power, Miller reportedly tried to suppress information showing that immigrants have a net benefit to the United States economy.

Miller’s influence has even caused drastic changes in President Trump’s administration. Just recently, Kirstjen Nielsen stepped down as Secretary of Homeland Security. Stephen Miller reportedly had influence in her resignation.

A former administration official was quoted as saying, “The entirety of my work during my time in the administration was influenced or dictated maybe 90 percent of the time by Miller, but I saw maybe three emails from him.” The influence of Stephen Miller is likely going unchecked. He continues to fill important positions of agencies he has no position in with individuals loyal to his agenda. By taking over the bureaucracy, Miller’s influence will likely be evident for a long time.

Jared Kushner’s Family and Business Favors

Across the nation, an immense value is placed on family. Parents are willing to take the fall for their children and vice versa. But when the head of the family is President of the United States, national security, transparency, and efficiency should come first. But when the daughter of the Commander-in-Chief is your wife, you can find a way to get to the top. Jared Kushner is just another example of an individual within the Trump Administration that uses the President’s personality as a way to grab power.

A prime example of the son-in-law bypassing governmental processes is his assignment of a top-secret security clearance. Despite being a senior advisor and not a high-ranking member of any agency that deals with national security, Jared Kushner was given a top-secret clearance at the demands of President Donald Trump. The Director of the National Background Investigations Bureau, Charles Phalen, stated that Kushner’s clearance application was riddled with mistakes and significant omissions of information. Nevertheless, the President persisted. Kushner’s failure to disclose any possible weaknesses was rewarded with a top-secret security clearance.

However, Kushner’s influence does not end there. When Rex Tillerson was Secretary of State, he often butted heads with Kushner over foreign policy. Tillerson often disagreed with Kushner over the United State’s relations with Saudi Arabia, and one has to wonder why. While Tillerson wished to hold the Saudis accountable, Kushner wanted to take a friendly stance. The reason for this isn’t hidden in the shadows with Stephen Miller. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump stated that he liked the Saudis because of their multi-million dollar business transactions. Considering that the Kushner family always had a close business relationship with the Trump family, especially with housing developments, it is possible that Jared Kushner had business relations with the Saudis as well. The Saudi Crown Prince even stated that he had Kushner “in his pocket”, cementing the idea that Kushner’s inexperience is irrelevant in his rise to power.

One could go on for days about the inefficiency of official’s within the Trump Administration. The sweeping influence of men like Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller is enough, however, to support the idea that a group of individuals are gaining power by upending the processes within the federal government and cementing their own loyalists. The influence that these men have on the President is enough to determine his actions instead of advising him on how to achieve his policy goals. Who can you truly call the leader of the free world when the men intended to help row the boat are instead steering the ship?

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