Lying to Congress Should Not Be a Crime

TJ Roberts | United States

The Buzzfeed report alleging Donald Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress was false. This surprised no one so long as they have an IQ above room temperature. It’s Buzzfeed. They’re notoriously dishonest. But let’s suppose they told the truth. What if Cohen’s lying to Congress was a direct result of Donald Trump ordering him to do so? While pundits would feign outrage, let’s be real; who cares? The idea that lying to Congress should be a federal crime is one of the great ironies of American Law.

The Equivalent to Stealing from a Thief

Congress isn’t exactly an honest group. Congress lies to assert control over you. They lie about their beliefs to gain power. They lie about economics to tax and regulate you to death. Honesty is foreign to these people. So why is it that when Congress lies to us and leads to less freedom, they keep their power but when the people lie to Congress, it’s a felony? In the same way that it is okay to take back what is yours, it is also okay to be dishonest to dishonest people.

Lying to Congress to Avoid Prosecution is to be Expected

Congress is one of the most powerful entities in the world. If they target you in partnership with the FBI, it is entirely natural to be afraid and to attempt to clean up your tracks, even if you did nothing wrong. This is not to defend Cohen. This is to defend anyone Congress sets their sights on. This natural tendency, of course, leads to the government entrapping you into lying. They will pressure you, bait you, and bully you until you give them something, even if that is just saying something that is not true (even if you aren’t under oath).

If the deep state targets you, they will stop at nothing to get you. It is nothing more than a defense mechanism for someone who realizes the terror the federal government can impose upon your life. The fact that relaying false information to Congress even when you are not under oath is not a crime demonstrates how desperate they are. They criminalize everyday life and then they criminalize you defending yourself from retribution. Legalize Lying to Congress.

Originally published on LIFE.

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