Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to Sign Georgia Heartbeat Bill

Jack Parkos @laissez_faire76

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) plans to sign House Bill 481 into law on Tuesday May 7th. This bill, known as the Heartbeat Bill, would impose very strict regulations on abortion. “I campaigned on signing the toughest abortion bill in the country, and this is the toughest one we’ve got in the Legislature now.” says the conservative Georgia Governor. Kemp also called this the toughest abortion law yet.

The new bill, if it passes, will ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. This is typically when a fetus develops a heartbeat, hence the name Heartbeat Bill. 15 other states have introduced similar laws, with three now on the books. However, the courts have often ruled such laws to be unconstitutional. Republicans and conservatives are currently gunning to overturn Roe vs. Wade, which would result in allowing the states to enact abortion laws.

The ACLU and many Democrats already stated that they will challenge the Heartbeat Bill in the courts.  this will not stop Kemp, who stated “There will no doubt be a legal battle. And we’re ready for a fight”.

This story is currently still developing as Kemp has not yet signed the Heartbeat Bill.

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