Pentagon Proposes 120,000 Troops for War with Iran

Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

Since his campaign began in 2015, President Trump has taken an aggressive stance towards the country of Iran. Originally disliking the nuclear deal that President Obama had made with the country. Just one year ago, he withdrew from the deal entirely. Since then, he has declared Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization and placed sanctions on the nation. His hardline stance has some calling the country “Trump’s Iraq“, believing an unjust war is imminent. Now, the military appears to be taking action towards war with Iran.

Military Times reported Tuesday that the Pentagon gave an attack plan to the White House. They call for the deployment of up to 120,000 ground troops in the Middle East if Iran attacks American troops or continues their nuclear program. It does not, however, call directly for a land invasion of Iran. Still, this stands in stark contrast to the tone the president took in his campaign, during which he promised to put a stop to the endless wars of the previous several administrations.

In addition, the Pentagon plan calls for a cyber-attack, which they call “Nitro Zeus“, on Iran’s infrastructure. Though it is impossible to determine the exact consequences of such an attack, it will almost certainly take a significant toll on civilians and the government alike.

Last week, the military announced the deployment of a missile battery to Iran, where an amphibious ship will soon join it. Around that same time, John Bolton held a secretive meeting with top military and CIA officials to discuss Iranian policy.

Iran Responds to Tensions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently reached out to the other signatories of Obama’s 2015 nuclear deal; he gave them two months to provide a buffer for Iran against Trump’s sanctions. However, other countries involved include the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Any action that they take supporting Rouhani and the nuclear deal may cause diplomatic tension between themselves and the United States.

USA Today reported Tuesday that a high-ranking Iranian official has condemned Trump’s actions. Their ambassador to the United Kingdom, Hamid Baeidinejad, called his moves a “very dangerous game”. He further suggested that this may “drag Iran into an unnecessary war”.

Baeidinejad also suggested that U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton may be playing a major role. From his perspective, Bolton is “trying to convince” Trump to go to war with Iran.

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