Maj Toure, Candidate for Philly City Council, Off to Fast Start

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Hip hop artist turned Second Amendment Advocate Maj Toure announced he has raised more than $20,000 and secured over 100 volunteers in his bid for an at-large City Council seat.

In a press release on Thursday morning, the Toure Campaign made much of the Libertarian’s accomplishments in the first few weeks since he first announced his campaign. Maj Toure’s bid for Philadelphia City Council seems to be exceeding expectations from the start.

Where Libertarian candidates stumble in fundraising or effectively distributing their message compared to other parties, the Toure Campaign has already out-fundraised many of the Republican and Democratic candidates running against him and are moving forward with public rallies, door knocking campaigns, and an aggressive media push.

Over 300 donors have contributed to the Toure campaign so far to support his platform of marijuana legalization, criminal justice reform, and improving Philadelphia’s broken education system.

“Philadelphia’s City Council has problem. We are under educating our young people. Citizens are being lied to about marijuana. Our neighbors are being locked up. We need new solutions. I am running for this seat to be a solutionary. Things need to change, and I will be that change when I am in office.” – Maj Toure

This Sunday, May 19th, Toure will speak at the Malcolm X Day Celebration in Philly and host an after party for supporters of his campaign at the South Philadelphia Taproom on Mifflin Street, starting at 7PM.

The campaign stated that the funds raised so far will be used to secure signatures and spread the word about the campaign but that they are “just getting started” in their efforts to win the seat.

More about his campaign can be found at

The Press Release can be found below.

Maj Toure for Philadelphia City Council
Contact: Jeannine Cook, 267.241.2617, [email protected]

Maj Toure At Large Candidate for City Council Crosses $20,000 and 100 Active Volunteers
Philly Native and Activist Demands Better Education, Marijuana Legalization,
and Criminal Justice Reform as Libertarian Party candidate

May 16, 2019, Philadelphia, Pa. – After just 14 days since declaring his candidacy, activist and Philly native Maj Toure has raised over $20,000 and now has a team of over 100 active volunteers working on his campaign. Donations have come in from over 300 people, and average $72 per person.

“I am running for this seat because this is my city. My campaign is made of Philadelphians who want a better city for them and their families. We are all solutionary. Things need to change, and I will be that change when I am in office.”

Maj’s priorities are:
1. Criminal justice reform
2. Legalization of marijuana
3. Improved education in Philadelphia

Maj is known for straight talk, and his approach to leading Philadelphia forward is no different: “No fancy language, no politically correct legalese. Just straight forward, clear explanation of why I’m here and some of the ways I’d like to serve the hard-working folks of Philadelphia. Hope I get your vote, peace.”

Election day for Philadelphia City Council is November 5, 2019.

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Maj Toure and his team are available for comment. Contact Jeannine Cook, 267.241.2617 or [email protected] to schedule an interview.

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