Suppressors: Trump’s Next Infringement

Thomas DiGennaro | @tom.digennaro

On May 31st, 2019, a shooter open fired and killed 12 in Virginia Beach’s Municipal Center. The shooter used two pistols to carry out this attack. Both of the shooter’s handguns were .45 caliber and legally owned and purchased. USA Today reports that the shooter attached a suppressor to at least one handgun. Police responded to the scene which led to a “long gun battle” in which the shooter was killed.

Trump on Suppressors

When asked by a reporter if he believed silencers (suppressors) should be restricted, Trump responded with “I don’t like them at all”. Funny thing is, he said the same thing about the bump stocks. Months later, a piece of plastic was classified as a machine gun, banned, and turned countless gun owners into felons, at the stroke of his pen.

Trump Does Not Defend Gun Rights

Trump is not “playing chess”. He is actively stripping away gun rights, and because he wears a red tie, Republicans and the NRA aren’t doing a thing about it. His administration banned bump stocks and suppressors may be next. He supports heavier background checks and red flag laws. He has explicitly stated in an interview “take the guns first, go through due process second”.  Despite his claim that the “Eight-year war on the second amendment is over”, he has put more gun control into effect than Obama, in only a quarter of the time in office.

A Dangerous Precedent

We are also setting a very dangerous precedent here. Trump banned bump stocks in wake of the Las Vegas shooting. Red flag laws gained tractioned in wake of the Parkland shooting. Suppressors may now be in the crosshairs after the Virginia Beach shooting. We are allow ing tragedies to justify extremely restrictive legislation, bans, and confiscation of legally owned property. This is a dangerous precedent and its only a matter of time until detachable magazines or semi-automatic rifles are next. There is already legislation in both houses that attempt to ban those.

News outlets all over the country are debating whether or not a suppressor made the Virginia Beach Shooting “more deadly”. And as you probably guessed, the consensus is yes. We will soon see a widespread outcry for yet another infringement, and the President will be the tip of the spear in this regulation.

If Hillary won, at least the NRA and the Republicans would have fought her on these infringements. 

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