Oil Tanker Incident Brings Out the Worst in the GOP

Kevin Damato | @KevinCDamato

After a surprising attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf region, GOP legislators have once again proven to us how bad they are at their jobs. The incident has brought out the hawkish nature of the GOP, threatening the security of our brave servicemen/women. In addition, they are upending the stability of the Middle East.

Calls for violence by members of the Republican Party appeared swiftly after reports started. While President Donald Trump avoided his normal tweet storm, he did retweet several comments made by Senator Marco Rubio (R, Florida). Rubio brazenly states “Not just the intelligence shows Iran was behind gulf attacks, common sense does too”. The Senator’s lambasting continued into contempt for Iran’s support of the Houthis in Yemen.

The escalating tension did not get better as Senator Tom Cotton (R, Arkansas) jumped into the mix during an interview on Face the Nation. Senator Cotton went as far as to say he supported a retaliatory military strike on Iran. This action would surely lead to a larger military conflict with the country.

Other comments from GOP Congressmen are common, ranging from Lindsey Graham urging the President to target Iranian Naval Vessels to Dan Crenshaw (R, Texas) pushing for a larger military presence in the region.

Despite advances in economic outlook and general positivity throughout the country, the GOP continues to cause problems. It seems as if the Republican Party always wants to hold us back with their war-prone behavior. If this is the tone surrounding this issue, we should avoid electing GOP representatives in the future. This kind of rhetoric is not only wrong, but dangerous.

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