Gabbard Shows that the American People are Fed Up with War

Benjamin Olsen | @benpleasestop

Last night during the Democratic National Debate, dark horse candidate Tulsi Gabbard showed that she is a force to be reckoned with. Her veteran status and anti-war stance resonate with many disenfranchised Americans. After decades of war in the Middle East, the American people are fed up with endless war. Post-debate, Gabbard takes the lead for searches among Democratic candidates:


Gabbard at the Debate

The situation in the Middle East is so confusing that Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio claims the Taliban was behind the attacks on the World Trade Center. Gabbard deftly corrected him that it was, in fact, al-Qaeda that orchestrated the attacks. This slip by Rep. Ryan shows just how convoluted the situation is. Even politicians don’t have a grasp on what’s going on.

Gabbard faced criticism for her visit to Syria in 2017, where she met with Bashar al-Assad. Many accuse Assad of using poisonous gas on his own citizens. However, Gabbard continues to maintain that her visit was merely broker peace, but her opponents use this as a rallying cry against her. Furthermore, her military background provides the knowledge and experience that make her head and shoulders above her presidential competitors on the war issue. Tulsi Gabbard wants the US out of all foreign wars and is not going to roll over for out of touch politicians.

Moreover, Gabbard is a candidate that many libertarians and anti-war activists can get behind. Even further, Americans are clearly sick of endless intervention. Her message is resonating with the average voter. They’re ready for the war machine to end, so politicians are going to have to change tune or face the consequences.

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