Andrew Yang Cares About You, and the Rest of America Too

Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

As we gear up for the second Democratic debate, one candidate stands out from all the rest. That politician is Andrew Yang. As the establishment Democrats and Republicans go on and on about interventionism, social security, and stimulus packages, Yang is focusing on the pressing issues that afflict many Americans today. As a result, he stands in stark contrast to the cookie-cutter politicians he will share the stage with tonight.

Same Old Same Old from Politicians

Democrats deal with politics in the same way that everyone else does. They pander to college leftists ignorant of economics, corporations that profit off of war, and old people that can’t wait for their next social security check. Consequently, they focus on the flashy issues that get them in the media and line their pockets. It’s the way politics works, and it’s the hell we live in today

In public, though, it seems that Democrats stand in stark contrast to their neocon counterparts. However, they are often just as pro-war as their Republican cohorts. Last night, Tim Ryan showed his true colors as a neocon painted blue. He clearly wants to invade the Middle East as John McCain’s ghost. In addition, programs like Beto’s war tax are ineffectual and do little to end actual intervention. In short, Democratic politicians are often only anti-war in name. The Democratic party profits off of foreign intervention just as much as Republicans do. As a result, we do nothing about endless foreign invasion.

Moreover, Democrats often stand with the pro-marijuana crowd. Yet this was only embraced once the pro-marijuana wave began to take America. Being in favor of pot legalization is easy. Its low hanging fruit for a Democratic candidate to snipe voters. In contrast, a truly powerful stance would be ending the drug war and undoing the disastrous harm done to minority communities and America as a whole.

Finally, Democrats take every cheap shot at Donald Trump possible. During the democratic debates, instead of deeply thought out political proposals, we hear roasts of the current president followed up by cheers from the crowd. The more they can demonize Trump, the more approval they get. But this is just pandering, and nothing actually changes. There’s no substance to these sick burns. There’s no weight to their claims.

Andrew Yang and the Heart of America

In contrast to this, Yang is a breath of fresh air. Yang talks about real issues and focuses on the afflictions that Americans legitimately deal with. Instead of talking about the same boring Democratic platitudes on repeat, he’s bringing some of the most serious American afflictions to the table.


Firstly, Andrew Yang tackles the issue of automation head-on. Automation is replacing low skilled jobs at an unprecedented rate. Libertarians often argue that this only leads to more wealth in the economy and workers will find new jobs created by advances in technology. In the past, this has worked, but jobs are getting increasingly complex. This leaves many workers without a job and thus without money. Andrew Yang seeks to alleviate the pain caused by this massive unemployment wave through his $1000 a month freedom dividend.

Opioid Crisis

Another issue caused by widespread unemployment due to automation is the opioid crisis. On his issues page, he explains:

The opioid crisis isn’t just a nationwide public health emergency – it’s a NATIONAL CRISIS. Tens of thousands of people are dying each year, with millions more suffering from an addiction. Many of these people’s addictions started when they were prescribed these medications by a doctor. The human suffering caused by this crisis cannot be measured, and the economic damage is untold.

Furthermore, the 1791 team explains that “people’s sense of purpose and meaning is in large part derived from jobs and the feeling that they’re providing for their families, not from how cheaply they can stream a tv show.” When you lose your job, you lose meaning. And when you lose meaning, opioids become an easy alternative for people coping with life’s suffering. As a solution, he aims to go after the pharmaceutical companies that sustain this crisis. In addition, he is in favor of decriminalizing opioids:

We need to decriminalize the possession and use of small amounts of opioids. Other countries, such as Portugal, have done so, and have seen treatment go up and drug deaths and addiction go down. When caught with a small quantity of any opioid, our justice system should err on the side of providing treatment.

Social Media Censorship

The issue of social media censorship and big tech overreach are often seen as right-wing issues. Andrew Yang is breaking that trend. The 1791 team continues:

But it isn’t just economic concerns that has drawn support to Yang from the right. In response to a rising tide of technological censorship, President Donald Trump, who far-leftists have called to be banned on many social media platforms–including Twitter– is fundamentally uninterested in addressing this issue, only advising fellow Republicans to “be good.” In stark contrast, Andrew Yang has gone as far to say that social media conglomerates should be trust-busted for their mass-censorship campaigns.

As long as companies like Google and Facebook continue to suppress voices on the right, free speech is under fire. Yang realizes this and wants there to be a free and open discussion among Americans. The boomers lining the Democratic debate stage don’t care at all about the sacred right of free speech, but Yang acknowledges it as a very important hallmark of American life that must be protected.

In conclusion, Andrew Yang is not your run-of-the-mill politician. He isn’t going to whisper the same boring and empty promises that the rest of Democrats ceaselessly spout. Unemployment from automation and the subsequent opioid crisis is the core affliction in middle-class America. Yang realizes this and aims to heal the heart of America. Because Yang cares about you, and the rest of America too.

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