Seven Issues the Democratic Debates Didn’t Cover

Jack Parkos@laissez_faire76

For the last two nights, Democrats have engaged in the first of many presidential debates. Out of a crowded field of 24, 20 made it to the stage, which spread over two nights of ten candidates each. Through all of the mayhem, candidates spoke out on issues from immigration to abortion to healthcare to foreign policy. However, they didn’t address everything, including some highly important topics. Here are seven of the most important issues that didn’t receive coverage in the Democratic debates.

1. Automation

We are currently living in what historians and sociologists call the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” We are seeing some of the fastest advancement of technology in our planet’s history. But there is a cost to this-millions of jobs. The most common jobs in America are Administrative and Clerical Work, Retail Work, Food Service, and Food Prep, Trucking Driving and Transportation and Manufacturing. These jobs are facing the risk of being automated away-and nobody talks about it. Andrew Yang has made this his top issue to run on. Unfortunately, this issue was largely glossed over in the debate. 

2. Opioid Crisis 

Today, as the candidates prepared and debated, 130 Americans died from overdosing on opiates. In 2017 alone, 47,000 Americans died from overdoses on the substances. This is clearly a crisis. People are suffering and dying from opioids and communities are destroyed. This is a non-partisan issue that both parties should together on to solve, but this issue received no attention tonight.  

3. Policy Towards Iran 

Tensions with Iran are rising drastically with two recent incidents that some have labeled as aggression. The first being an attack on an oil carrier and the second being the shooting down of an unmanned drone. Trump has stated that he does not want a war with Iran. But the candidates tonight did not share their policy towards Iran. This is something that should be made clear and is very important to discuss. The American people need to know if a candidate will escalate the situation in Iran.  

4. Saudi Arabia 

Both the House and the Senate passed a bill that would end the United State’s support for Saudi Arabia’s war efforts in Yemen. This war has caused a crisis for the people of Yemen. 80% of the population is in need of emergency aid, as 60% faces food insecurity. There is a mass outbreak of Cholera and a lack of medical care. The United States is funding a country responsible for this. The defunding of Saudi Arabia’s war should be a top priority, regardless of one’s political party. 

5. Nation-building

Democrats have loved to portray themselves as the anti-war and pro-peace policy. But their policy does not show this. Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama invaded Libya for virtually no reason, causing chaos. Currently, Trump has not started any new wars and has spoken out against the concept of nation-building. Tulsi Gabbard has made this a big issue of hers for her 2020 bid. The Democrats didn’t talk about these endless wars, it’s not as important to them as being “woke”. Many of them even support such wars. 

6. China 

Democrats spent three years on the “Trump-Russia” narrative which resulted in nothing. Many people claim that Russia is the biggest threat to America, but the real grand foreign foe is China. China was only briefly mentioned in passing, and is growing by the day and does not seem to be stopping. China’s imperialism has already spread to the Western Hemisphere. No one wants to talk about this. 

Moreover, trade with China has become a complicated issue as well, which will be discussed below. 

7. Trade

Many Democrats initially opposed Trump’s tariffs on Chinese industries. The economy is one of the biggest issues and trade is a big part of the economy. Do we strive for free trade? Can tariffs be effective? What should be our trade policy? These questions were not asked or answered by the candidates as we had to hear about how much they hate Trump.

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