Antifa Member Killed After ICE Attack in Tacoma

Thomas DiGennaro | @tom.digennaro

On the early morning of July 13th, a member of Antifa attacked the ICE Northwest Detention Center. The detention center serves as a holding facility for those facing deportation. More recently it has also housed parents separated from their children at the border under Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy towards undocumented immigrants. Six hours prior to the attack, a protest was held at the center.

The attacker approached the compound armed with a rifle, as well as multiple homemade incendiary devices. The attacker hurled multiple flaming objects at vehicles and buildings, causing a car fire. This was an unsuccessful attempt at igniting a propane storage tank.

Tacoma Police Fire Back at Antifa

Upon seeing the rifle, an ICE employee called the Tacoma Police Department. Upon arrival, Tacoma PD reported, “shots fired”. However, news sources are not sure if the attacker fired first, or even at all. Four Tacoma PD Officers open fired. After Emergency Medical Services arrival, Officers found the Antifa attacker dead with multiple gunshot wounds. The attacker did not injure any Tacoma PD Officers or ICE officials.

As per department policy, the officers who involved in the shooting are currently on administrative leave. Also, Tacoma PD will not yet be releasing their names.

Antifa is taking full credit for their member and the attack on the ICE compound. A friend of the assailant testifies that she believes “the attack was intended to provoke fatal conflict.” The friend also states that he was “ready to end it”.

Tacoma PD also arrested the same man earlier last year at an Antifa protest that took place at the same ICE detention center. He attempted to strangle a Tacoma Police Officer who was restraining another protestor and was also in possession of a knife and collapsible baton.

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