Why Gamers Should Oppose Socialism

Nicolas Gonzalez | United States

Gaming is a giant and growing industry. By the end of 2018, it was worth nearly $138 billion, and it continues to increase over 13 percent year after year. Gamers want good games, and the industry continues to deliver. But gaming is not the only thing which continues to grow — young people are increasingly warming up to socialism. This poses a great danger to the ever-expanding gaming industry.

How the Gaming Market Works

Gaming is solely driven by profits, similarly to almost everything else in our world. The more profits a game or developer can bring in, the more money they have to put towards another, even better game. This satisfies the increasing demand for new games with a nearly unlimited supply, and if a developer wants to make good money, they will definitely try to sell game after game.

It also makes sure the quality of the game is up to par — not many people want to buy a game everyone is saying will be awful. For example, the Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield franchises have only been able to survive because of their immense profit base and good reputation. It goes the same way for all games: the market is controlled by the simple model of supply and demand, and the profits depend on both the demand and the quality.

Why Socialism Kills Gaming

In a socialist society, however, the gaming industry disappears completely. There would be no profits to earn, due to the abolition of personal property and capital, and both the supply and demand will cease to exist. Developers would have neither motivation nor capital to invest and create new games. The good reputations of Halo, Call of Duty, and other games will have no meaning if the profit bases diminish. Making games cost money, and if the state doesn’t provide the resources and personnel for creating games, no one will want to — or be able to — step up to do so themselves. And the chances that the state will provide resources for such a project are slim, due to the Marxist theory which purports that leisure — and therefore, gaming — is illusory.

What this basically means is that gaming and socialism do not go hand in hand. The same young people who love gaming are shooting themselves in the foot by loving socialism as well. In order to keep a stable and developing game market, there must be profits, capital, and private supply. Capitalism is the only way to keep gaming alive.

Many have seen the meme where gamers proclaim that they are the most oppressed in our society. The truth is that the only society that will truly oppress gamers — and everyone else — is a socialist one.

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