AOC Risks Losing to Republicans in 2020

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Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s unfavorability among voters in her own district has gone up to 50.88%. The poll, done by the “Stop AOC” PAC, shows startling results for AOC’s re-election bid. 33.4% of voters in her district pledged to oppose her. Additionally, only 13.3% of voters said they wouldn’t oppose her, with the rest unsure.

Low polling is attributed to the New York Amazon deal that AOC opposed. The deal never came to fruition due to her opposition. Thanks to polling, it shows that her actions on this deal could come to haunt her when 2020 rolls around. She already has a Republican challenger in Rich Valdes, an associate producer of the Mark Levin Show. Valdez plans to run against AOC in 2020. However, he is not alone in the pledge to oppose AOC as another Republican seeks her seat. Bronx Republican and Medical Journalist, Ruth Papazian, pledged back in March to run against AOC. Papazian has already challenged the congresswoman to debate, of which no response has been made. Additionally, Scherie Murray, a Jamaican immigrant and businesswoman, recently launched her bid to oust AOC.

Turning the Deep Blue Bronx Red

It is typical for the Democratic candidate to win in Ocasio-Cortez’s district. Her district, New York’s 14th, has voted Blue by double digits for over a decade. Her predecessor, Joe Crowley, won his last re-election by 65.8% over the Republican challenger. However, AOC’s dismal polling record may change that trend. Ocasio-Cortez won her district with only 15% of voters in the district. Only 13% of registered Democrats in the district ended up voting for her.

The general lack of enthusiasm by voters in her district, and the lack of support for AOC’s actions, may turn into a GOP victory. The Republican candidates are hoping to use this to their advantage. AOC’s failure on the Amazon deal will be a big talking point for these candidates that, so far, is proving to be effective.

Is AOC Hurting Other Democratic Party Candidates?

In a poll leaked to Axios, top Democrats show concerns over numbers that are hurting swing-state candidates. The poll shows AOC as well as other progressive members of Congress’s high unfavorability among voters. A top Democrat was quoted saying, “[S]he’s getting all the news and defining everyone else’s races,” expressing concern for her effect on other Democratic races in swing states. The poll shows a high disdain for socialism, a key feature of AOC’s platform that top Democrats are calling “toxic”.

With rhetoric like that, in order to save other races and even AOC’s own district from GOP victories, top Democrats may aim to uproot her in a primary challenge. Establishment candidates have been trying to move the party back to the center. They face steep opposition from the progressive wing, as seen in AOC and Pelosi’s most recent clash that has geared up to a much bigger fight.

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