John McAfee Discusses Detention, Revenge, PM Run

Peyton Gouzien | @pgouzien

John McAfee, 2020 Presidential Candidate and founder of antivirus company McAfee, was recently released from confinement in the Dominican Republic. Since then, he has been in the United Kingdom. McAfee spoke with 71 Republic Saturday about his detainment and release. He also discusses his plans for the future. A transcript and audio file of the interview are available below.

John McAfee on His Detention

Gouzien: Hello, I’m Peyton Gouzien with 71 Republic and I’m here with John McAfee, Libertarian 2020 presidential candidate and cryptocurrency entrepreneur as well as a software developer. How are you doing today, Mr. McAfee?

McAfee: I’m doing great, and you forgot fugitive as part of my title!

Gouzien: Ah yes, fugitive as well.

McAfee: I’m doing great my friend.

Gouzien: Alright wonderful. I wanted to ask you a few questions, starting with your recent detention in the Dominican Republic. Can you describe some of the details of your recent detention?

McAfee: It was sort of like a vacation at the Ritz Carlton in Rio De Janeiro. The accommodations were spacious. We had a lot of fresh air because there were no windows. The walls were artistic because the paint had peeled off about nine different layers at different levels, so it was like a Jackson Pollock painting. Now we lacked some things, which were not important. Things like a toilet and toilet paper. We had nothing to protect us from the clouds of mosquitoes. It was 100 degrees and extremely hot, but other than that it was a great place. I would recommend it to anybody. Anybody wanting to vacation in the Dominican Republic, I would highly recommend the immigration detention center as the ultimate destination.

Gouzien: I see. You mentioned it was an immigration detention holding center. Were the charges related to immigration?

McAfee: Well, not really. Here’s what happened. We left Cuba, we sailed for four days, we sailed into the Dominican Republic. We only had three firearms on board. They were perfectly legal. We had them laid out on the table in the dining room on the boat, waiting for Customs to come in and inspect them, write down the serial numbers and then get them to us and explain we are not allowed to take them off the boat and the instant we docked we were stormed by the Dominican Republic internal security. Kinda like the S.S., or the Secret Service.

We were never allowed to talk to either Customs or Immigration and we were charged for possession of illegal weapons. Now, this was set up by a gentleman named Paul Rolle, who is the head of the Bahamian police force. A man who two months ago I outed by publishing his bank name, his secret account bank name, account number, and all of his deposits and withdrawals, amounting to 10 times his annual salary. Now, the Bahamian government chose not to investigate. Well, I find that suspicious, so this was revenge from Paul Rolle. Revenge for me outing him. However, I only outed 1/10th of all the information I have on him. So, I’m going to bring him down, along with the head prosecutor of the Dominican Republic who he collaborated with; you just watch over the next month and see this unfold. Next question.

Plans for the Future

Gouzien: Alright, so moving off of this, what effect will the detention have on your release of the 31 terabytes of incriminating data? Has this or will it activate the dead man’s switch?

McAfee: No, it did not activate the dead man’s switch. I have a very complex dead man’s switch. I am neither dead nor permanently detained and that data is the only thing that keeps me alive. The fact that I have it and I’m still breathing means that those people in the U.S. government and other governments around the world can breathe safely and sleep soundly because that data has not been released.

If I am murdered, if I commit suicide, which is highly unlikely, I like my life, I love my wife, I love my circumstances, so I’m a happy mother fucker, if I do to choose to commit suicide, you must know it was not suicide. If I disappear for more than a specific period of time without contacting specific people, then that data will be released. The fact that I am not releasing it is the only reason I’m still breathing.

Gouzien: I see. What do you think is going to be your next move after your release from the Dominican Republic? What do you plan to do next?

McAfee: Well, I’m taking up ballet dancing. And my goal is to reach the international stage at the International ballet. Prima Donna. I’m not sure that I’ll succeed, but that’s my goal. No, I’m joking with you. My next step is to continue breathing and continue with my wife, Janice. Continue breathing and reach safety from this nightmare of the United States’ long arm of corruption.

Gouzien: I see. You recently mentioned the possibility of also running for Prime Minister of the UK. Do you plan on pursuing this?

McAfee: I think that would be great. Don’t you think? Seriously. I’ve been running for President of the U.S. for over six months now and I never considered the Prime Minister position before, until the Dominican Republic, my only recourse from being deported back to America, which of course would mean my arrest, was to come to England, which is my first place and I have a passport. I am a citizen of both countries. I was born on an Army base in England, which makes me legal for America, born on U.S. soil. So I qualify there. For England, I was born within the boundaries of the country. That makes me legal here. So I’m considering it, but I haven’t decided yet. I would much prefer both positions and there’s nothing against the law about doing that.

Gouzien: You don’t think that would affect your current run for U.S. President at all?

McAfee: I know that it’s absurd my friend, but let me ask you a question and ask that same question of your leaders. Is this any more absurd than a system of two parties that over the past 160 years, divided America right down the middle, so that the one half hates the other half? And it is the same thing here in England. You tell me which is more absurd: the existing system or the absurdity of some lunatic wanting to be both the President of America and the Prime Minister of England? You tell me, sir, which you think is more absurd.

Gouzien: I think they’re equally absurd, but I don’t disagree with you.

McAfee: Therefore, it’s politics as usual. It’s happening in America and it’s just the same thing: politics as usual just in a different direction. I want to be both the Prime Minister and the President simultaneously and if I could also be the Prime Minister of India, I would run there as well. And that’s the last question. Thank you very much for your time.

Gouzien: Thank you so much for your time. You have a wonderful day.

McAfee: You too.

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