Ex-SEAL Eddie Gallagher Acquitted of Charges

Nicolas Gonzalez | @nicogonz15

In 2017, Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher was charged with seven counts related to the stabbing of an ISIS soldier, and then posing with the soldier’s body in a picture. A San Diego jury found him not guilty of six of those charges. The remaining charge, which he was convicted of, landed him a sentence of a reduced rank. Gallagher was demoted from Chief to Petty Officer First Class and his monthly pay reduced $2,697 for four months. The judge then modified this sentence to only a two-month pay cut and gave Gallagher a total of 261 days’ credit for pretrial confinement, harsh pretrial conditions, and his deprivation from receiving treatment for a traumatic brain injury.

Although the trial is over and the sentence has been decided, Gallagher and his family claim the Navy is still attempting to prevent him from returning to his normal life.

“Gallagher’s brother Sean said his brother has been vindicated, but that the Navy is ‘so mad they lost’ that they are trying to prevent him from going home and living his life like a normal person,” reports Fox News.

According to Gallagher’s brother, “The guy has been in [the Navy] 20 years, eight combat tours. They are going to say [that] in 10 years when you need to go to the VA, you can’t do that anymore. That is what they are holding over us now. All we want to do is retire peacefully [and] let Eddie and his family do what they have earned – live a normal life.”

Gallagher agrees. “It’s still surreal at this point. It’s hard to take in,” he said Saturday. “I have a lot of thoughts on the matter, but unfortunately I am still in the Navy, they still have their thumb on me.”

Trump Comments on the ex-Seal

This case has received a lot of attention, especially from the President.


Trump has been keeping tabs on this case for some time and even attempted to allow the ex-Seal Gallagher to be released from solitary confinement to work on pretrial plans.

Gallagher’s wife was grateful to the President, saying “I think that the president has been brilliant in this. He has seen so much similarity in what he’s gone through. I think that’s why he’s been so proactive. “I think my husband has been villainized, he’s been smeared, lied about. And his own command has been consistently betraying him over this process. I want my husband home.”

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