Dave Portnoy Busts Whiny Labor Unions With Tweets

James Sweet III | @jsweetIII

Barstool Sports, the go-to media outlet of the Proud Boys, your local jock, and everyone in-between, has gotten itself into trouble, again. This time, it’s over America’s best-known group of swindlers; that’s right, labor unions. CEO and founder Dave Portnoy caused a moral “outrage” on social media by saying that workers of Barstool Sports would be fired “on the spot” if they engaged in any discussion of unionization. Shortly afterward, Portnoy’s replies were full of angry social justice warriors hysterically shrieking over a tongue-in-cheek joke that they simply blew out of proportion.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stood on top of the glorified soapbox that her Twitter account has become and defended her donors against Portnoy’s tweet.

In fact, Portnoy’s comments were so outrageously offensive that the AFL-CIO weighed in with their thoughts.

Why Am I Supposed to Care?

Those that believe Dave Portnoy is actually trying to discourage company-wide unionization via a tweet probably think the Washington Redskins have a chance at winning the Super Bowl this year. Joking about labor unions is not a labor law violation. Can it be ill-humored? Certainly. However, Portnoy likely isn’t going to go through every Barstool Sports employee’s phone and see if they DMed a union sympathizer.

To put it bluntly: he’s too rich for that. He has better things to be doing in life, as do we all. Plus, what is there to unionize about anyway? Are they mad that Portnoy didn’t go to their block party or BBQ?

Yet, as we all know, the left can’t meme or take a joke. Instead of moving on with their humorless lives and just shaking off Portnoy’s comments, the keyboard warriors rose up for a fight. The Daily Beast Union and all five of their members felt the need to interject.

Now, I personally would love to see a video on Worldstar or Barstool Sports of Portnoy stone-cold firing would-be unionized writers while shotgunning a White Claw.

Now, I do not encourage anyone to shotgun White Claws in broad daylight. Dirty looks may head your way if you attempt to do so, and no labor laws can save you then.

This whole situation is a nothing burger and exposes how sensitive individuals on the left are when it comes to their Holy Grail: labor unions.

The Double-Edged Sword of Labor Unions

Sure, labor unions were influential during the American Industrial Age and served a good purpose. They helped Americans get better work conditions in factories that had little to no safety regulations.

However, just because unions once served a purpose doesn’t mean they have a right to everything under the sun in 2019. Just like the first and second-wave feminist movements, their purpose has largely been overrun by narcissistic whiners. In fact, conditions have improved drastically due to the nature of capitalism. Portnoy, ever the model American, stated that he “didn’t take a vacation day for 10 years.”

Labor unions, if in the public sector, can serve as embezzlers. They operate under the perception that they are entitled to taxpayer dollars. Public-sector labor unions fail to recognize that higher paychecks would require higher taxes that would equally apply to them. Anyone that wants to make money knows not to work for the government unless you dictate your own paycheck. Congress, we’re looking at you.

So, before Democratic congresswomen decide to accuse Dave Portnoy of violating federal law, perhaps they should consider learning what a joke is. Ill-humored or not, there is a difference between bashing unionized workers on the skull with a club and sending a tweet.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Portnoy and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez debate over unions. Perhaps Joe Rogan could moderate it with Gavin McInnes providing post-debate commentary. Now, that would be something worth seeing.

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