Hong Kong Protests Are Going Worldwide

Peyton Gouzien | @pgouzien

Protests in Hong Kong are catching the eyes of nations around the world. What started as protests against a Chinese extradition bill has morphed into a Pro-Democracy movement. Leaders from several powerful countries voiced support for the protest. For example, The United States and the United Kingdom are showing their support. In turn, protesters against China are emboldened, as they have been seen flying both countries flags.

From the UK, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt threatened action on the part of the country if China continues to oppress Hong Kong. Additionally, UK Parliament member Tom Tugendhat, chair of the UK government’s House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, went as far to say the protestors should be offered “full UK citizenship”. In the U.S., protestors have received bipartisan support from major players in both parties. Names like Senator Lindsey Graham and Presidential Candidate Joe Biden voice their support.

China has noticed the increased support for protesters by foreign powers. The US has been denied two requests for visits by Navy ships in Hong Kong by the Chinese Government. In addition, protests in Hong Kong’s international airport caused all flights out of the country to be delayed or canceled. This led Mainland China to rally behind a reporter assaulted while covering the protests. Fu Guohao, the reporter in question, has become the face of Chinese opposition to the protests.

Hong Kong Protests Turn Violent, China Escalates

Ever since protesters stormed Hong Kong’s legislature, protests have gotten increasingly violent. Clashes between protesters and police have become more frequent as well. For instance, a female protestor was beaten by local police. Additionally, a video shows a violent clash during the airport protests that ended in the officer pulling his firearm on protestors. UK Foreign Minister Dominic Raab expressed concern over the violent clash in the airport. Raab condemned violence during the protests. Furthermore, he said that we should find a peaceful dialogue.

Currently, there are no signs of the situation de-escalating. Instead, they’re only getting worse. In Shenzhen, many Chinese military trucks were spotted, just miles from the Hong Kong-Chinese border. After the video went online, President Donald Trump claimed China is moving troops to the border with Hong Kong.

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