Interview: YAL VP Justin Greiss Talks Operation Win at the Door

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Justin Greiss (@LibertyGreiss) is the Vice President of Grassroots at Young Americans for Liberty. After quickly moving up the ranks in the student organization, Greiss took a hiatus to serve on Rand Paul’s presidential campaigns, as well as his Senatorial re-election campaigns. Then, after that election, Justin Greiss returned to Young Americans for Liberty and began building what would soon become Operation Win at the Door. Ultimately, Operation Win at the Door officially launched in the 2018 primary cycle. Justin Greiss discusses Operation Win at the Door with 71Republic Contributor Derrel McIver.

Operation Win at the Door

McIver: What is Operation Win at the Door?

Greiss: Operation Win at the Door is Young Americans for Liberty’s political arm. It is designed to mobilize college students and recent graduates to knock doors in order to elect principled candidates. YAL seeks candidates who believe in the ideas of liberty, free markets, and limited government. 

McIver: Are there some recent wins you’re particularly happy about? Why do you think liberty is winning? 

Greiss: We are very excited by the primary victory for Paul Milde in Virginia. Going head-to-head against an entrenched incumbent who flagrantly voted against the Second Amendment and had little regard for fiscal restraint, we were able to win the primary. Paul is a born-again Christian who was formerly addicted to narcotics but was given a second chance at the American Dream. Paul’s win was a perfect blend of our issues, sending a strong message on criminal justice reform and fiscal sanity. I ultimately think Liberty is winning because we are demonstrating that the future of the GOP lies in support for fiscal sanity and individual liberty. The GOP of 30 years ago would have never elected someone with Paul’s background, or even have likely complained much about his incumbent’s terrible voting record, but it’s a new millennium with a new electorate hungry for the ideas of Liberty.

McIver: Why focus on state politics? 

Greiss: Everyone loves to say politics is downstream from culture, but realistically federal politics is downstream of state politics. Today’s statehouse candidates are tomorrow’s congressional candidates. State governments have exponentially more impact on our day-to-day lives than the federal government, so we can make a bigger policy impact at the state level while also positioning ourselves for an impact on federal policy.

Candidate Endorsement for OWD

McIver: So how do candidates get endorsed? 

Greiss: We run a thorough, six-page survey program, followed by a candidate interview and race analysis. We then compile all of those materials and send it to our endorsement committee for final approval.

McIver: Where can they go to seek endorsement? 

Greiss: It’s simple! Please go to and submit your candidate survey after you read up on what we do.

McIver: After the election, how can OWD be sure candidates will actually pursue liberty? 

Greiss: There are only two things certain in life: death and taxes. With that as a given, we truly grill these candidates on their principles and, once they’re elected, bring them into Hazlitt Coalition. The Hazlitt Coalition is Young Americans for Liberty’s group of Liberty Legislators across the country. The Hazlitt Coalition connects, mentors, and holds accountable these representatives to ensure they have the philosophy, tactics, and knowledge necessary to pass pro-liberty legislation. Our Hazlitt coalition touts 78 total members, including our 38 elected members and a slew of pre-existing liberty-loving legislators.

Donations and Goals 

McIver: Can people donate to OWD? If so, how? 

Greiss: Yes! Go to YAL is 100% donor-funded. We could not do anything without the support of our fellow liberty lovers.

McIver: Finally, what are your goals for OWD?

Greiss: We breathe the mission. We are laser-focused on one thing and one thing only: 250 state legislators by the end of 2022.

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