Did a Drone Spot Jeffrey Epstein Alive on His Island?

Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

After about a week of questioning the official story of Jeffrey Epstein’s final moments, Americans faithfully moved on to far less important stories. The Epstein case has fallen into the abyss of old news and only resurfaces to confirm the mainstream narratives that, yes, the guards fell asleep, the camera footage outside the cell is completely unusable, and Epstein signed a will only two days before his death. Yet recent drone footage of the Epstein’s island in the U.S. Virgin Islands is leading some to believes that Epstein may still be alive.

Epstein Alive?

In the past week, an anonymous person who goes by the name Rusty Shackleford has posted many images and videos of Epstein’s private island, Little St. James, to Google Drive and YouTube. The videos show Epstein’s sprawling property in full and ongoing activity from people on the island.

One video, in particular, has driven rampant speculation that Epstein may still be alive and hanging out on his old stomping ground. The video in question focuses on two individuals that can be seen around the 2:00 mark:

Some Twitter users believe that one of the men the drone spots around the 2:38 mark is Jeffrey Epstein.

The video shows a white-haired man and his associate casually talking before acknowledging the drone. The white-haired man then looks directly at it and proceeds to get into the driver’s seat of the vehicle, out of view of the drone, leaving viewers to speculate whether Epstein is actually alive or not.

The Drone Footage

Rusty Shackleford, who an alleged QANON supporter, is the individual responsible for gathering the footage from Epstein’s island. What’s notable about this is that mainstream media sources have attempted to gather high-quality images of the island for years to no avail, yet a single individual on a boat managed to do all the work with a commercial drone.

Images in the Google Drive tie Shackleford to QANON.

First, one of the pictures shows a Trump flag off the coast of Great St. James.

Another image is of Trump’s inauguration and reads “We are Q!”

Finally, “WWG1WGA” is a very common saying within the QANON community that means “where we go one, we go all”.

The Epstein Case

If Epstein is alive, this drone footage doesn’t prove it, but it does add an interesting layer to a story that simply does not add up. While much of the media have focused on the nuts and bolts in the aftermath of Epstein’s death, many questions linger about the large scale implications of his actions and network.

The evidence Shackleford present is far from conclusive. The man some identify as Epstein has whiter and fuller hair. In addition, the video quality is low and the angle is too far to identify any concrete facial details.

However, it does bring up many more unanswered questions about the Epstein mystery. The official story of his death is frankly absurd, as we have written on in the past. The media’s stench of bullcrap has transcended the political aisle so completely that bipartisanship consensus has reached and most people are convinced something different than the original story happened.

Everyone questioned it. Yet the tall tale of Epstein’s suicide aside, the man is still shrouded in mystery. His associates, including Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean Luc Brunel have been next to impossible to find with the latter ‘disappearing like a ghost‘ after Epstein’s death.

Epstein also had an assortment of other lavish properties around the globe. Who’s paying for the maintenance of these spaces? What has the FBI found? The videos Shackleford gathers may continue to raise suspicion, leading more Americans to demand answers.

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