How Hong Kong’s Freedom Dies: China Triples Troops

Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

The Hong Kong protests rage on, but the media is mostly quiet. The slow demise of the territory’s liberty evades headlines for weeks on end. However, the situation only continues to heat up. Freedom is dying in Hong Kong, slowly but surely. The Chinese government speeds up the process with its deployment of 6,000-8,000 new troops.

Hong Kong Protests

The Hong Kong protests stemmed from an extradition agreement proposed in Hong Kong’s government. The bill would allow Hong Kong’s government to extradite fugitives to countries that the territory doesn’t have an extradition treaty with. The territory currently does not have an extradition treaty with China nor Taiwan, meaning that the bill would be a significant blow to Hong Kong’s independence.

The citizens are not willing to relinquish their freedoms without a fight, though. Multiple videos show protestors fighting against China’s forces.

Police continue to beat protestors. Hong Kong’s protestors are using lasers to disrupt China’s facial recognition system and police vision.

The protestors are not willing to go down without a fight. And the Chinese government is not willing to relent.

Smashing the Rebellion: 12,000 Troops

China wants to win this fight. Thus, they have deployed between 6000-8000 new troops to Hong Kong. The total of the Chinese troops is now 12,000.

Reuters reported that China quietly doubled the troops. Among these troops are the People’s Armed Police, who answer directly to Xi Jinping.

Things are not looking good for the Hong Kong protestors. Chances are, with the increase in troops, China will be able to smash the rebellion. This is how freedom dies: slowly, painfully, and brutally. And the citizens of the freest country in the world are not paying any attention.

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