Adam Schiff Is Unfit to Lead Impeachment

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House Representative Adam Schiff recently appeared on live television to read the transcript of the phone call between  Trump and the president of Ukraine. Instead of reading the transcript word for word, he added what he thinks Trump would have said if he were trying to secure an election. Later on, Schiff claimed it was a parody; however, he presented legitimately at the time of his broadcast appearance.

Adam Schiff: Anything But Intelligent

Schiff is on the Intelligence Committee, but his recent actions were anything but intelligent.  It was entirely unprofessional, but it is not too surprising given the track record of Adam Schiff.

Schiff is in no position to lead the impeachment hearing even before this latest incident. Schiff was out to get President Trump ever since his electoral victory in 2016. Despite a lack of evidence, the House Rep. stuck to the popular claim of Russian collusion.

An individual with a hard bias against the United States President should not be in charge of a nonpartisan government entity. He has time and time again put his personal beliefs over the purpose of his Committee, attempting to blemish Trump’s resume. The actions of Schiff are inexcusable and the penalties should be severe.

Scramble to Impeachment

As a result of recent actions, President Trump is calling for the resignation of Rep. Schiff.  He lied to congress about a transcript the American public had access to and could compare to his words. He was caught in a lie and should not be allowed to continue under his current position. Most certainly, he should not be given the opportunity to lead the impeachment inquiry. Schiff should be forced to be under oath before each hearing to deliver the truth to the American people.

Even after Schiff was at fault, Democrats continue to unequivocally support him. They are willing to impeach Trump at all costs and are taking assistance from anyone and everyone. Democrats have no limitations in regards to what they will do to ensure Trump does not finish his current term. By resorting to less honorary tactics, the Democratic Party is just further proving their desperation.

Despite receiving support from those opposing President Trump, limited respect from the American people has been given to Schiff. He has resorted to despicable ways to persuade the public. Schiff should and will be called out on his mistakes headed into the Congressional impeachment trial and the 2020 election.

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