Peter King’s Absurd Support for an Assault Weapons Ban: An Open Letter

Thomas DiGennaro | @digennarotom

To Congressman Peter King,

I was immensely disappointed, but not surprised to hear about your support for a federal assault weapons ban. I am ashamed that my face appears on your campaign literature, not only due to your support for a federal assault weapons ban but also due to your co-sponsorship of HR8 and HR1112 which greatly expand background checks and create more loops for gun owners to jump through. It is clear that these gun control measures do not represent the interests of your constituents.

Assault Weapon Bans Are Meaningless to New Yorkers

A major factor that motivates me to leave New York is the heavy restrictions the state places on assault weapons. In New York, AR-15s and similar weapons have practically become hunting rifles. According to the SAFE ACT, in 2019 New Yorkers cannot legally purchase a semi-automatic rifle that has a detachable magazine, pistol grip, muzzle breaker, or one of many other attachments. The successful passage of a federal assault weapons ban would be effectively meaningless to the 2nd district of New York. It would also expose the rest of the nation to the immense regulation that New York experiences.

Congressman Peter King, your job is to be the 2nd district of New York’s representative to the federal government. I genuinely inquire, how does the passage of a federal assault weapons ban represent our district’s interest?

It is clear that New York already has some of the strictest state gun laws in the country. In New York, criminals obtain weapons illegally on the streets, not from licensed dealers. More regulation would only lead to an increase in difficulty for law-abiding New Yorkers to defend themselves.

Peter King’s Unsuccessful Fight Against Opiods

Speaking of New York’s strict laws, New York has a long history of being tough on opioids. Our district has a massive problem with opioid abuse and overdose. I find needles in the street daily. It is clear that simply banning things or increasing regulation is ineffective. Why aren’t you doing something about a real problem that affects our district? Instead of pandering to gun control advocates for media attention, focus on our district.

This is a case of extreme overreach by the federal government, fueled by emotion in the wake of another tragedy. Another tragedy that more legally armed law-abiding citizens could have prevented.

The Second Amendment is not a “Need”

Your reasoning for supporting this ban is quite alarming. You stated that you “don’t see a need for these weapons in everyday society”. I find that line of thought especially troubling, considering that the Second Amendment is a part of the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Needs. We never ask if anyone needs to engage in certain aspects of speech because freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment. Why is it that the “need” of something is applied to the right to bear arms when that is protected by the Second Amendment?

If Law Enforcement is going to have certain types of weapons, whether it is through official issuing and use or private ownership, why not the rest of the law-abiding population? The very essence of the Second Amendment is to keep the government and the citizenry on an even keel. A federal assault weapons ban only further diminishes the citizenry’s side of the balancing beam.

Represent Your Constituents

You reside in Seaford, New York, one town over from me. Why is that you Peter King, as my representative to the federal government, are fighting for measures that do not affect the neighborhood or even the state that we live in?

You may be receiving nation-wide praise from Democrats for this, but those with a stake in your re-election are not so enthusiastic. The 2nd District of New York has elected Peter King since 1993, but the status quo may change in 2020. Your decision has gone well outside of representing your constituents, and we would like some answers.

Signed, your very disappointed constituent,

Thomas DiGennaro

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