Leak: CNN President Has “Personal Vendetta” Against Trump

Peyton Gouzien | @pgouzien

On Monday, Project Veritas released a series of undercover video recordings of numerous employees at CNN. Among them is a video of CNN President Jeff Zucker; footage reveals that he wants “impeachment every single day to be the top story”.  Several other employees also describe Zucker’s push for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

One employee called Zucker’s anti-Trump sentiment a “personal vendetta” against the president. Media Coordinator Nick Neville said on video that Zucker has known Trump “for a very long time and hates his guts”. Zucker reportedly often shifts talk about other stories on daily rundown calls in order to focus on impeachment.

CNN Bias?

Veritas whistleblower Cary Poarch works undercover at CNN’s Washington D.C. Bureau and recorded his colleagues secretly for months. Poarch became disgruntled with the network after encountering what he saw as the studio’s bias as displayed by coworkers in the videos.

Media Coordinator Christian Sierra said that the network prepares “softball” interviews for Democrats, but not Republicans. Neville remarked that impeachment was about “ratings” for the company. Moreover, CNN Floor Manager Mike Brevna called CNN “the Trump network”. He then added, “They sold themselves to the devil.”

Brevna recalled that the office “was like a funeral” after Trump’s victory, with coworkers sobbing. Top Network Executive David Chalian went on to say “Republicans are delusional, defiant, or silent” when speaking about the Trump impeachment story.

In a similar fashion to the Van Jones “Nothing Burger” comment on Russian collusion, recordings show that employees at CNN make up news stories. Floor Director Hiram Gonzalez says “We created this monster.” He further states that “media created the Trump monster.”

More to Come?

Project Veritas has only released one set of videos to their YouTube channel as of now, but plan to release more. In those videos, the insider plans to explain the inner workings and what he considers to be bias within CNN.

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