Spain Jails Catalan Leaders Amid Protests

Carlos Hermosillo | @broofbros1

Spain’s Supreme Court ruled on Monday that nine leaders of the Catalan independence movement are to serve between nine to thirteen years in jail.  The sentence was due to their involvement in a 2017 referendum, later ruled illegal, that was an attempt at gaining independence from Spain.

Catalonia’s former regional president, Carles Puigdemont, is still on the run from Spanish authorities who have issued a new warrant for his arrest.

After the jail sentences were announced, the protesters led by the group called Tsunami Democratic were reinvigorated and began mass-targeting key locations. Train tracks that connect Barcelona, Catalonia’s capital, to France were blocked by tires, and the Barcelona International Airport experienced delays and the cancellation of more than 100 flights.

A Look at the Protests

Catalonia, an autonomous region under the control of the Spanish government, developed a separatist movement that dates back to the 1920s but was squashed by the dictator Francisco Franco in 1938. After Franco’s death, the movement re-developed and has grown considerably since then.

Protesters proceeded to gather outside the Barcelona International Airport.

The police fired at protesters from inside the airport.

Police chase down protesters and attack a journalist with a camera. 37 injuries have been reported.


Protesters put their hands up to prevent police from hitting them as they attempt to intimidate them.

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