Conor McGregor Faces Two Sexual Assault Investigations

Carlos Hermosillo | @broofbros1

On Monday, Irish police seized CCTV camera footage, after a woman made a formal complaint against Conor McGregor, alleging sexual assault. The Irish Sun reported that footage shows them walking to a car where the accuser claims that she was forced to perform oral sex.

A few hours after the woman filed the complaint, the vehicle that the athlete was in was stopped by police. Clothing and the vehicle were then seized for forensic examination.

As the investigation is ongoing, no arrests have been made. However, this is the second sexual assault accusation against the UFC superstar within the last 10 months.

Despite the seriousness of the allegations, even big-name MMA fighters such as John Fitch have just recently become aware of it.

“Bruised and Battered”

In December of 2018, a different Dublin woman made accusations of rape and battery against the “Irish sports star”. The woman, a single mother also in her 20’s, alleges this took place at Beacon hotel in Dublin, a place McGregor is known to frequent.

Irish Central reports that a penthouse suite was booked under the athlete’s name. But it adds that hotel staff cleaned the suite after he checked out – which was before the forensic examination was carried out – and could hamper the accuracy of the investigation.

CCTV footage from the hotel was also taken by police.

Authorities later found the woman in her home, with bloodied clothes, and said that she was “too afraid to make a formal complaint” at the time. They then took her to the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU), by ambulance.

A senior source told Irish Central:

At the end of the day, there is no doubt that this young lady suffered a horrendous ordeal – the examinations and all the evidence shows that she was raped and very badly assaulted in that penthouse suite.

The SATU’s own forensics concluded that she had suffered serious injuries.

However, the woman had trouble remembering some details of the party, where alcohol and cocaine were available.

Conor McGregor Claims the Sex Was Consensual

McGregor was arrested in January and questioned, but was released without any charges. However, the investigation has continued since. In addition, a file was prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions to decide on the investigation’s outcome.

When pressed on the issue, UFC President Dana White responded:

The back-and-forth that I’ve had with him about that (is) that it’s not him, that it’s somebody else. You know? So I don’t know.

A few months later, McGregor announced a ‘retirement’ that was short-lived.

McGregor has not fought since his October of 2018 loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov, and a potential bout with Frankie Edgar seems to have been shot down.

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