BREAKING: Conor McGregor Reportedly Offered €1 Million-plus to Alleged Rape Victim

Carlos Hermosillo | @broofbros1

The Irish Sun reports that an offer was made to a woman to withdraw sexual assault allegations made against an athlete. It adds that the woman, who made accusations in December of 2018, rejected the offer.

The report also says that they “understand” that “the sports personality is preparing a second offer in a bid to compensate the woman in the hope that it doesn’t go to court”.

Reports mentioning an “Irish sports star” have been identified to be in reference to UFC superstar Conor McGregor, by the New York Times and other media outlets.

The Allegations Against McGregor

The woman in question was found by police in her home with bloodied clothes, “bruised and battered”, after a party at the Beacon hotel where McGregor booked its only penthouse. Alcohol and cocaine were also available at the party.

McGregor’s “solicitor” shortly after made contact with the police to inform them that he would be willing to speak with them with his lawyer present, but the police were not ready at the time, due to the nature of the investigation. A month later, McGregor was arrested to be questioned but was quickly released. It was also reported that he said the sex was consensual.

A source told the Irish Mirror that the woman “is in a deep state of distress and she is absolutely terrified – she was allegedly beaten viciously during the incident and she is terrified for her life – she is in absolute fear”.

Part of the problem is the sports star is linked to people who are dangerous.

The woman was taken to the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit at Rotunda Hospital for a forensic examination, which showed that she had “serious injuries”, including choke marks.

The Director of Public Prosecutions is currently trying to decide on the outcome of the investigation. However, McGregor is also facing a different sexual assault allegation from October 12, 2019. He is also expected to be detained and questioned “very soon”.

American Media Black-Out

The American mainstream media has tried to ignore the allegations, often taking a week to months of silence before reporting. And part of the reason why could be the WME Entertainment’s (UFC’s parent company) recent partnership with Disney and ESPN, in which McGregor’s popularity could have been a factor.

Recently, however, some big-name Mixed Martial Arts personalities, such as Jon Fitch, have talked about the media silence around the allegations.

UFC President Dana White has also recently been eyeing a 2020 match-up for McGregor, who has not fought in over a year. While McGregor has even recently offered to fight Frankie Edgar for free this December:

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