ISIS Leader Dead: Here’s How You Can Look at His Compound

Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead by the hands of US forces, bringing an end to Trump’s top national security priority. On Sunday morning, Trump announced that special forces took out al-Baghdadi in a “dangerous and daring” overnight raid. al-Baghdadi attempted to flee through a network of underground tunnels.

The Compound

You can find the ISIS leader’s compound at 36° 9’57.18″N  36°37’37.99″E on Google Earth. Pictured below is the compound:

The compound is nearby Radwa, Barisha, and Rabeeta.

The ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi, died from the explosion of his suicide vest, killing himself and 3 children.



Since December of 2016, he was the most wanted terrorist in the world. The United States offered $25 million for information on him.

Trump states that al-Baghdadi was whimpering, crying, and screaming as dogs chased him deep into his tunnels.

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