So, Which Politician Murdered Jeffrey Epstein?

Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

From the moment my phone told me that Jeffrey Epstein had committed suicide, I knew something was up. People like this have information. If they engaged in wrongdoing with friends, and those friends are powerful enough, there’s a means and motive to take that kind of person out. It seems that the whole of the American public thinks the wealthy financier was murdered, too.

Despite everyone realizing that this is probably the truth, nothing will happen.

Epstein’s Political Connections

The problem stemming from the Epstein murder seems pretty apparent. Numerous powerful people, including our current president and the Clinton family, have had connections with Jeffrey Epstein in the past. Now public documents implicate hundreds of others. Among these are numerous elected politicians:

Many names have yet to become public record. Public names include former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former Democratic Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell. This was due to a document that recorded questioning of Roberts. She claimed Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell had her have sex with these men.

Trump and Epstein were buddies at one point, too. Old videos show Trump and Epstein partying together at Mar-a-Lago. In addition, Virginia Roberts Giuffre says that she was recruited into the sex trafficking ring when she was working at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago hotel.

The connections don’t end there, though. Turns out Slick Willy is involved (big surprise). Flight records show that Clinton visited Epstein’s island and flew on his jet. On top of that, there was the really bizarre painting of Clinton in a blue dress tucked away in Epstein’s mansion.

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A Classic Whodunnit

So, who murdered Epstein? It’s impossible to say. If it was Trump or Clinton, we would never know. Both of these men are way too powerful, and I’m assuming that there are plenty more powerful people involved.

And this is the contradiction of government. The government is supposed to prohibit things like this. If they’re participating on the highest level, who’s going to stop them? The answer seems to be nobody.

Short of a full-on populist revolution, we will never know who murdered Epstein. And that will never happen. The American people are too docile. They recognize that their elites are pedophiles, but the system they live in is too cushy to do anything about it.

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