USS Liberty Veteran Responds to Charlie Kirk Calling Incident a “Conspiracy Theory”

Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

A couple of weeks ago, Charlie Kirk was asked why the US sends so much aid to Israel. The questioner mentioned the USS Liberty Incident, in which the Israeli military attacked the USS Liberty, killing 34 Americans. As soon as the questioner mentioned USS Liberty, though, Kirk jumped in. He stated that it was a conspiracy theory and that such theories would not be discussed at his events.

He accused the questioner of being an anti-Zionist and shut him down. Of course, the USS Liberty event is a historical event that both Israel and the United States acknowledge happened. Because of this, I got in contact with Joe Meadors, a veteran who was on the USS Liberty when it was attacked.

The Attack on USS Liberty

“My work station was on the 04 level,” he told me. “At about 2:00, we had finished a general quarters drill that had lasted about an hour. One of the officers on board was watching the radar and noticed a high-speed aircraft coming up from our stern.”

Wondering what the aircraft was, Meadors ran up to the signal bridge. He explained to me that he thought it would be just another flyby by an Israeli aircraft. However, “when they got directly ahead, they turned immediately left and started striking the ship.”

Directly after, Meadors “ran down to the pilot and started relaying messages from the cabin and bridge areas to wherever [they] needed to have messages relayed.”

Meadors told me that he later “felt the torpedo hit and saw one of the torpedo ships sailing up the port side.” He explained that the people on the torpedo boat looked up at the ship, gestured towards, the flag, and continued to attack.

“We waited all night after the attack for the US fleet to show up, but they didn’t show up for 16 hours.”

Why the Poor US Response?

I asked Meadors why he thought the ship was attacked. “We don’t know,” he said. “That’s one of the questions we’ve been asking.” However, the why of the attack isn’t what’s important to him and the other men on the USS Liberty that day. Rather, “it’s the US government’s response to the attack that bothered us”

But Meadors still posited that the attack had to do with Israeli plans to invade the Golan Heights. “The US government had told them not to have any ambitions in that area,” he said. Thus, they thought that the USS Liberty would intercept their movements in that area.

The Israelis took out the Liberty on July 8th and invaded the Golan Heights on the 9th, Meadors explained.

However, he stated that there’s no definitive proof that that was the reason for the attack because “nobody has ever asked”.

I asked Meadors why he thought Congress has refused to investigate the incident.

“I think it’s their fear of the Israeli lobby,” he said. “The main thing a Congressman will do is anything that will get him re-elected, and the last thing that he will do is anything that will keep him from getting re-elected. Investigating the USS Liberty was one thing that the Israeli lobby is lobbying against.”

Charlie Kirk’s Comments

In response to Charlie Kirk’s statement that the USS Liberty event was a conspiracy theory, Meadors said that he and his colleagues  “don’t advocate any conspiracy theories. All we do is research and present facts about what happened, and then draw conclusions based upon those facts. We don’t allege any conspiracy at all. But the opposition, such as Charlie Kirk, calls it a conspiracy theory.”

“And when he’s confronted with [the facts], he ignores it. It’s the common tactic.”

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