France Will Benefit From a Full “Brexit” and Here’s Why

By Austin Cherkas and Jake Melkun | FRANCE

Young, charismatic, intelligent, and most of all passionate is what comes to mind when discussing French President Emmanuel Macron. The BBC has reported Jeremy Browne, British Politician, making an audacious claim that French authorities, “Are in favor of the hardest Brexit.” The report also explains that when Mr. Browne met with officials from the French Central Bank he is quoted saying, “The meeting with the French Central Bank was the worst I have had anywhere in the EU.” He noted that the French were taking tough negotiations or, “Bad cop” as described by Jeremy Browne.

France has shown a hard-line stance to the United Kingdom to not only show an example of political infidelity but to show France’s new role in the world. This role would greatly benefit the people of France. Now we must ask ourselves, how does France benefit from a full British exit from the European Union? France would enter a new Golden Age and can be seen in three different subject matter.

  1. France’s new power in the E.U.
  2. Large fluctuation of British immigration to France
  3. France being the new face of the E.U’s financial sector

Emmanuel Macron has made a special alliance with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This is explained in a France 24 article. The pair had led E.U post-Brexit talks at the Brussels Summit in June. This clearly shows that a new sheriff is in town and his name is Emmanuel Macron. There are substantial benefits for France in their new leading role in the E.U. It is expected due to President Macron’s audacious leadership the E.U will give France more influence than ever on European affairs. This translate to France being able to push for policy that betters France through all aspects of the E.U. This would enable France to do almost anything they want.

In the United States’ 2016 Presidential election there was a widespread joke of, “If candidate (blank) wins, I’m moving to Canada.” In fact, the United Kingdom had a less popular statement of, “If we leave the E.U, I’m moving to (Insert E.U country here).” Unlike the Americans, the British actually moved. The Independent reports that Britons applying for French citizenship is up 264%. The E.U gave all member countries free immigration to all other member countries. So the figure of 264% represents Britons who are already live in France but have British citizenship. If a full Brexit were to occur, British citizens occupying any E.U. country by 2019 would be considered illegal settlement. This means that British immigration to France could continue to rise for the next couple years.

The United Kingdom is one of the most wealthy countries in the world (the second largest gross domestic product in the E.U., fifth largest in the world). When the UK officially leaves the union, it is a real possibility that British businesses could move to France. President Macron and the French government has announced that they want to “loosen employment laws to try and lure big business away from London’s City”. The British bank HSBC’ boss has said that a move to France “ is beginning to look attractive”. If a hard Brexit happens, then that could make Paris the financial hub of Europe.

After the 23 June 2016 Brexit referendum, the future of Britain is unknown. After the election of Emmanuel Macron, the future is unknown for France as well. But, should Macron continue with how things are going, the future does look bright for Emmanuel Macron and France.

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