Rand Paul’s One-Man Protest

The Junior Senator from Kentucky spent his Monday evening defending liberty and freedom.


Hillary Clinton Has Launched Her New Book

Hillary Clinton's book has launched, and everyone is reacting.


From the Editor: The Art of the Dox — Internet Vigilantism on the Rise

Roman King gives a scathing opinion of people responsible for dox attacks on the Internet.


Governor of US Virgin Islands Feeling the Heat after Firearms Seizure

By Andrew Zirkle | USA Last week, while Hurricane Irma began to bear down on the islands of the Caribbean, much of the territorial leadership was poised to evacuate citizens and bring in emergency aid. However, Gov. Kenneth Mapp was preparing the US Virgin Islands in a different way. On September 5th, an executive order ...


The Man in the Red Bandana: A True American Hero

Let us not forget the story of this man's brave actions on America's most fateful day.


Taxation is Nothing More than Legalized Robbery

Taxation on a very fundamental and basic level should be viewed as legalized robbery or theft. Men with guns come to your house and demand that you give them your money or they'll lock you in a cage. This is what taxation is. Today, we’re discussing the horrors of taxation, why it doesn't work, and ...


Think Tank Funded By Google Fires Employee for Criticizing Tech Giant

After the firing of an employee solely for criticizing Google, think tanks around the US learned just how much influence the tech giant has over the content that can be released.


Democrats won’t win the Senate back in 2018. Here’s why.

The Democrats have a very low chance of taking back the United States Senate in 2018


The Illegal War on Drugs

The regulation of controlled substances within state boundaries is well outside the realm of federal authority


Myanmar’s Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims

Myanmar has been murdering the Rohingya Muslims that live within its borders