How Do You Build a Successful City?

Cities are a staple of the new industrial world, but how is a successful one created and sustained?


Trump Administration Rescinds Pro-Choice Obama-Era Letter

The Obama-Era pro-abortion letters have been rescinded.


Ron Paul Endorses Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

By Jason Patterson | USA Bitcoin has recently expanded in several ways. No longer than a year ago it was just a libertarian fantasy of an alternative to government-controlled currency. Now it has a ton of media attention and some Congressmen even are now saying Cryptocurrency should now be Illegal. Ron Paul, a liberty-minded Republican ...

School Shooting At Kentucky High School

By Matthew Geiger | BENTON, KENTUCKY Kentucky authorities report that at least one student has been killed and five others have been injured in a school shooting. The location is Marshall County High School, which is in southwestern Kentucky. The subject has since been apprehended. The Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, has since posted the following ...


Beware the Beast of Political Correctness

Political correctness is dangerous, so we must be vigilant.


Trump Ends U.S. Government Shutdown

The United States has ended the federal government shutdown after Senators came to an agreement, the House passed a bill and the president signed the legislation into law. The stopgap budget is in place until Feb. 8, so the next steps for Congress is to finalize a budget.


Shutdown: Wins And Losses

Eli Ridder | WASHINGTON The Democratic and Republican Party's negotiated an agreement in the Senate over the course of the government shutdown, with both sides gaining some traction in the final vote. U.S. House passes budget, again U.S. Senate finds agreement Democrats Commitment from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to work on legislation addressing spending cap, ...


U.S. House Passes Spending Bill

Temporary spending bill ends government shutdown after U.S. Donald Trump signs the legislation.


U.S. Works Diplomacy As Turks Attack Kurdish Afrin

The United States searches for a diplomatic solution to Turkish-Kurdish tensions as proxy allies take sides.