71R Exclusive: New Libertarian Representative Expected

A New Hampshire State Representative is expected to defect to the Libertarian Party.


The UK’s Solution to Terrorism that Every Libertarian Should be Shocked By

In the aftermath of the London Bridge terror attack on June 3rd, it was clearly emphasized that some change must occur in order to protect British civilians.


Why the F-35 is a Mistake

Throughout U.S. Military history, the taxpayer has been expected to fund projects, some a hefty price, some not, but not one comes even close to the $1.58 trillion dollar mistake that is the F-35 program.


Snapchat Downloads Begin to Drop

One of America's top Social Media companies is going through some serious turmoil.


Theresa May to Form Minority Government With DUP

Pictured: 10 Downing Street Theresa May's Tories hold on to government, but it isn't without a cost.


Abbot Signs Texting-Driving Ban

On Tuesday, June 6th, Governor Gregg Abbot signed a bill into law that makes texting and driving illegal.


Hung Parliament a Possibility, U.K. Exit Poll Suggests

Pictured: Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party leader As constituencies continue to be called in the U.K. snap election, exit polls are suggesting a hung parliament might be in the making.


Swift Action, not Swift’s Action: Failures of the Welfare State

Jonathan Swift, in his essay “A Modest Proposal," effectively utilizes an extended metaphor in order to convey his message that we must take action against widespread poverty.


Comey’s Huge Testimony

On Thursday, June 8th, former FBI Director James Comey took a seat in front of the United States Senate Intelligence Committee, which was shaping up to be one of the biggest congressional testimonies in United States History.


Trump’s New FBI Director

A replacement for James Comey has been found.