3 Big Stories You Missed During the NFL Controversy

Over the past week, the NFL has dominated media coverage. Here are three stories you might have missed.

This Mayoral Candidate Is A Libertarian’s Dream

Chris Holbrook, a former gubernatorial candidate in the state of Minnesota, is running again, this time to be the Mayor of St. Paul, a city just East of Minneapolis.


Al Jazeera’s Disturbing Support for Terrorism

The Middle East's most popular media outlet continues to make excuses for criminally violent organizations.


Hacking the US Election: How to Change Presidential Vote Counts

Tensions have been high over whether or not American democracy is intact, but what would it take to break our election cycle apart?


The Italian Refugee Crisis

The refugees that have inundated Italy and Europe's immigration systems are mostly asylum seekers


Why I Left the Libertarian Party

My journey out of the LP.


Angela Merkel Re-Elected Chancellor of Germany, Far Right AFD Makes Surprising Surge

Angela Merkel will remain as German chancellor.


The Rise of Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse has increased 200% since 2010. Why? How? And what can be done?


“Bitcoin Jesus” is Making a Country

Roger Ver, commonly known as Bitcoin Jesus, is partnering with Olivier Janssens to create a Free Society.


The Tyrant Named Majority.

You have rights. No mass of people, however big, can change that.