Want to Stop the Next Mass Shooting? Arm More People.

Good people will change this world, not more gun regulations.

Minarchism is a Political Fallacy

One simply cannot claim that government is dysfunctional in comparison to the free market, and then call for the government to regulate and control the very most sacred parts of life.

Edward Snowden’s New App for Guarding Your Laptop

Creating a safe reality for whistleblowers and journalists in today’s authoritarian society.

Critiquing Marxism: The Role of Ideas in History

History is driven by ideas that are made by individuals. The Marxist position is in opposition to this idea, though.

Jury Nullification: A Powerful Tool for the Advancement of Liberty

You may see no better opportunity to advance liberty on an individual yet highly effective level.

Putin Responds to USA-Ukraine Arms Deal

Putin claims it is in the right to respond to U.S. "threats."

Governmental Regulation: The Antiquated Barrier to Fresh Growth in America – Jesse Stretch

Barriers to growth and virtual impossibilities exist in the governmentally-instituted regulatory system that make starting or growing a small, fully compliant business almost impossible for the average working American.

Libertarian Paradise: Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a powerhouse and what would seem to be an anomaly, but its success is due to its libertarian tendencies.

Trump’s Tax Bill: The Successes and the Issues – Greg Stephen

An analysis of the good and the bad when it comes to Trump's new tax bill.

The IOTA of China? How IoT Chain ($ITC) Is Securing The Internet Of Things

A review of IoT Chain, one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of 2018!