Afghanistan: Trump and Change

Trump has recently announced a shift in how America will be operating in Afghan, what does this mean? Let's break it down.


The War on Canada’s Tar Sands

With the discovery of Canada's tar sand in 1848 it began an era marked by economic opportunity and fervent protests.


Debunking the Gender Wage Gap

Putting the myth of the gender wage gap to rest once and for all.


Total Darkness. Pictures from the “Great American Eclipse”

The first American total solar eclipse in forty years.


Racism is the Disease, So What’s the Cure?

How do we cure racism? Should we even allow it legally? And what model should we use to oppose it?


We The People, Our Bill of Rights, and Why We Should Care: Part 8

Finding the modern importance in the 8th amendment.


The Status of Marijuana in Texas

The extremely conservative state of Texas has recently taken surprising steps towards accepting cannabis, through decriminalization and medical efforts.


Australians may be Disqualified From Their own Parliament Due to New Zealand Policy

Australian politics takes an ironic turn with the possibility of a strange law being taken literally.


A University of Virginia Demonstrator Loses Job at Libertarian Hot Dog Stand

When the nation is as divided as ever, a libertarian hot dog stand takes the spotlight.


The Alt Right, the Hard Left, and the Decline of American Liberty

How the radical groups on both sides of the political spectrum are damaging liberty

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